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Decent real estate broker

Suggestion for a saler and a buyer

post 17.Apr.2013, 06:07 PM
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I would like to sell my flat and hopefully buy a bigger one. Would anyone suggest any real estate broker (even better: an agent name) to sell it.

Are the fees too different among the firms in this field?

Would you think that a firm is a good one to sell, but not a good one to buy from (i.e. would I need to be aware in case I would buy from a certain firm - contract conditions, clauses, "small letters part" in a contract, etc...)

Thank you.
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post 17.Apr.2013, 07:01 PM
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I have just done this as the biggest mistake I made was not shopping around before signing for an agent as we were so pushed for time, having seen a house we wanted to buy but needed the money from the apartment sale for the deposit.

Our agent had a flat fee 27 000kr and then 10% of anything made over the advertised selling price.

Now in hindsight this fee is ok if you are selling something that will sell for a lot, like a house, but here up north our apartment sold for 400 000 so her take home chunk was fairly hefty. :-(

Saying that, she was very professional and we were happy with everything that she did for us.

If I was going to sell again I would definitely check what the basic fee is first, what it includes in terms of advertising (ie local papers etc as well as blocket) and go from there.

Good luck!
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post 17.Apr.2013, 07:32 PM
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Just in case you didn't know:

Whatever fee the estate agent charges You can be used as a cost reducing the profit in the calculation that goes on the tax declaration. eg. if you bought apt. for 1.000.000 and sold it for 1.200.000 and the agent fee for the sale was 100.000, then the profit calculates as 1.200.000 - 100.000 - 1.000.000 = 1.000.000, so you are only taxed on the 100.000 it isn't all negative with the fees wink.gif
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post 26.Apr.2013, 01:43 PM
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I am in the same situation. And checking around I just got to know a company which I would NOT use both to sell or buy:


I am not sure about fees, like you asked but I ve heard a horrible experience from a family who bought a flat from a very pushey salewoman from this Bjurfors. Used of lies/tricks/false promises to persuade the purchase, to persuade the saller (owner) and by the end seems tried the get a "double" sale, trying to re-sale the flat as the buyer could not move in according to what she promised (and after all started saying it was the saler/former owners who tricked the whole agreement and promises . Well, the story is so horrible and long (very hard to believe/explain what she did) that makes me think that even in Sweden realtors have no scruple. (this realtor is not Swedish though, the company I guess it is and probably knows about their own workers). Or at least this one makes the Swedish standards in this segment look very disgusting (as professional category and as business).

I got in shock (meaning really shocked) when heard the full thing ( what I describe above doesnt contain even 50% of all) that from now what I am doing is looking for PERSONNAL indication from colleagues both about a good company to sell and could be good to buy from at same time. I got few, and will check and let you know if you want, you can PM me.

I suggest that you do the same. Search and research BEFORE.

I dont now about what you mention "small letters". It might well be that this Bjurfors might even make use of those tricks because the whole story is VERY SCARRY.

One thing I found till now: a big NO for this one: Bjurforsmäklare

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