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Migrationsverket citizenship processing time

How long did it take for you?

post 27.Oct.2013, 01:14 PM
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I added this in another thread before, but now thinking of starting a new thread.

I am just curious to find out IF there is any pattern to get faster processing time.
Can some people who have got citizenship in past 1 year or so, share following details about their citizenship application?

1. Original citizenship (before you obtained Swedish citizenship: EU, Asian, North American, African, South American, other)
2. How did you apply for citizenship?
- Applied online, sent signed form and documents to Migrationsverket unit in Norrköping
- Applied online, submitted signed form and documents at local Migrationsverket office
- Sent paper application and documents to Migrationsverket unit in Norrköping by post
- Submitted paper application and documents at local Migrationsverket office personally
3. How long did it take to get citizenship approval?
4. Reason for moving to Sweden originally (work, relationship, asylum, other - please specify)

I know there could be many more factors that can affect the processing time, but for now I just want to know if above mentioned factors have any role in processing time. I am just interested in some statistics based on above questions.

If you think that this does not reveal any personal information for you, please add your replies here.
If you don't want to reply to these questions for any reason, please don't spoil the thread by asking/adding other information.
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