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I want to get employed in the music industry here

Very talented music producer , where do i go ?

post 7.May.2014, 02:47 AM
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Hello there , my question is rather unusual , however i have moved here to Sweden because my sambo is swedish . So now i am in that phase of my new life here in Sweden , where i need a JOB .

One of my few but precious talents , is music producing . I have been producing house , trance , pop music until 3 years ago for hobby reaching around 1 milion views in total , and having at my youtube career more than 25.000 subscribers ( all of it just for the fun of it )

Given the empirical affirmation of my talent and productivity in this field , i am positive that if i go to the right place i will get a job .

But where do i go for such an unusual occupation ? Fields that i could work with this could be ( videogame sound tracks , song composition etc.etc. )

Do you know any company where i could send a cv or give a call ? Any advice would be highly apreciated .

Samples of my music can be found in my old youtube music chanel . >

All tracks there no matter the titel or alias are mine ( although my nicknames have been mainly Van De Mar , or Dj Mars )

Unusual thread i know , but such is the outcome of a thread started by an unusual person such as me ( I am 25 years old btw )
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post 7.May.2014, 06:01 AM
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Be reincarnated, look Swedish, be good at music, have fluent Swedish, and be named Oskar, Johan, Sven. Unless you have the money to start up or finance it yourself. Forget about the Swedish job market. I will quote a Dutch friend of mine on the Swedish job market.

"I do not understand why these people know English, but refuse to make it a working language, and attract highly qualified foreigners like we do in Amsterdam"

I knew someone who worked in the media high level position loads of experience in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam. Could not get his foot in the door in Stockholm.

I met a person on Sambo with experience as an interpreter who spoke 6 different languages including fluent Swedish. Begging on the streets in Stockholm, because his Sambo threw him out.

Go to a bar, and request being a dish washer, and even then you are lucky to get hired. The only people I knew who got those jobs were British working at British owned pubs.
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post 7.May.2014, 09:15 AM
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well that is obviously overdriven bullshit, most of my forein friends are working and some of them have extremely good jobs.
I don't know the Music biz at all but I don't Think anybody is going to give you a full-time job.
You will need to network, network, network and get yourself into the right music making circles, expect to start with the odd half day here an there

good luck
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post 7.May.2014, 10:00 AM
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Some truth in both responses, while it is not easy it is not impossible.

What work do you want to do? Music production? Working in a studio?

I would suggest you just get talking to people who know, rather than people on the local that probably dont. You could try some organisations like ABF, Bilda who offer music development.
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post 7.May.2014, 10:05 AM
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Joined: 8.Aug.2012 a classical guitarist with reasonable ability I dont get trance...

basic keyboard melody, beat, loop...aural wallpaper. It all sounds extremely similar but probably good if you are on drugs. Maybe i am getting old. I never understood why someone would want to make music with a computer, its not you with the skill its the people that make the software.
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post 7.May.2014, 10:16 AM
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QUOTE (Potentialexpat @ 7.May.2014, 07:01 AM) *
"I do not understand why these people know English, but refuse to make it a working language, and attract highly qualified foreigners like we do in Amsterdam"

Lots of multinationals have their European headquarters in the Netherlands. That is much less the case in Stockholm, where it is usually, if anything, the Nordic or Swedish headquarters. Where, of course, specific knowledge of the local Nordic languages and Nordic markets are in demand for employers.
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post 7.May.2014, 11:34 AM
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Sweden is the 3rd largest Music exporter in the World after the US and UK. There are lots of writers, musicians, producers, studios, Publishers etc in Sweden. You have to do some research ie. via Google,, etc to find them and approach each one with your offering.

DJing might be the quickest way into showing your talents and take it from there. Why don't you say something on your YouTue page as that might lead to something.
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post 8.May.2014, 01:24 AM
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Ok your not Swedish, and a DJ that should give you a chance. These people cannot DJ to save their lives. I would advise contacting every nightclub you can bank on not being Swedish, and bulshit some past performances in big cities so that they can exaggerate you. But this is definetly short term, and not gigs.

By being involved in the music industry I thought you meant seriously, and actively involved in the industry as a producer, performer, ETC.
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