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Help with Taxes in Sweden

(possible deductions)

post 24.Aug.2014, 03:36 PM
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Hello all

I'm from another European country. I moved to Sweden 2 years ago with my wife and son (who is now 9 years old) .

I work in Goteborg for a Automotive company and my salary is 38.300 SEK. (brute).
Since my wife wasn't able to find a job yet, my salary is the only income we have in Sweden.

I have to pay my apartment rent here and at the same time pay my house mortgage in my home country and the rest we use to normal living expenses.

This year I got last week a letter from Skatteverket informing that I have to pay 5700 Sek of taxes for last year!!!!!!.

Since I don't understand Swedish I just confirmed the letter from Skatteverket regarding my income, and I didn't add any expenses because I don't know which ones would be allowed or not.

My questions is: Can I deduct the 7.000 SEK I have to pay every month for my house in my home country? Do you consider the amount I will have to pay normal??? I personally find it excessive but I believe in Sweden the fact that I have 2 other family members not working doesn't found for anything right?

Any tips on what to do? Besides the monthly taxes that I already pay , having to pay more 7500 Sek seems way too much . I feel I'm working only to pay taxes and can't save anything.

Thanks to everyone
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post 24.Aug.2014, 04:32 PM
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Rental Income - in Sweden you receive a flat 50,000kr allowance for non taxed rental income ,this is regardless of how much you pay in maintenance, management fees, loan interest etc.

You need to find out why you have under paid tax previously? Was your employ deducting too little etc.. then you can move forward.

Edit - where did you move from? You need to look up double taxation agreements between there and here, is they may treat rental differently in your home country too.
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post 24.Aug.2014, 05:11 PM
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There is a lot of information in English on Skatteverket's website... have you looked there? Best to get it straight from the horse's mouth.
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post 24.Aug.2014, 06:18 PM
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Read up on dubbelboende though that is only allowed for a certain number of years. You are allowed to back-adjust previous years tax declarations since it is likely you missed that in the last couple of years. And depending upon whether it is an EU country or not, you might be able to claim the 30% back of interest paid on the mortgage.

Ring, email or go and visit Skatteverket...believe it or not they are very open to questions, very good with responses and I have always found them very helpful. Unlike many other countries, you do not need to be afraid of the tax office in Sweden, if you try to claim something they will simply make a judgement yes/no, they wont jump on you saying you are trying to cheat the taxes wink.gif ...they only do that when they have good reason to believe that is true.

There is 1 CEO of a large Swedish company that each year puts into his declaration a deduction for thousands of SEK for suits he wears at work, especially when holding share-holder/public meetings ...each year they reject the claim ...and he says that he does this on purpose because he believes the clothes are work tools and one year maybe they give in and allow it biggrin.gif
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