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Work Permit, Personnummer, Bank Acct for American

Getting paperwork ready

post 12.Jul.2017, 11:05 PM
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Longtime lurker, first post.

I am an American, I have a job offer and a work visa application pending at Migrationsverket.

It's a permanent job as a software developer that should have all the necessary health insurance and pension insurance.

A couple questions - I have submitted some questions to the agencies directly but was wondering what recent experiences people have had. Many of the threads on here are very old.

When I get the approval from Migrationsverket, I go to one of their offices with my passport, give fingerprints and a photograph. This page says they mail the card to an address.

1) Do I need proof of this address? e.g. a rental agreement? what if I am in temporary housing (AirBNB or a hotel) while I search for a more permanent home? How long does it take to get the card?

After this, I'll need to apply for the personnummer at Skatteverket. There is some information on various blogs of people's nightmares of getting a personnummer.

There is an English-language page that says I only need to bring my passport and residency card:

As well as a Swedish-language page that says I need proof of address as well:

2) Do I need to bring my job offer to Skatteverket despite the official website not mentioning it? Do I have to bring proof of my address? What if I am in non-permanent housing?

Lastly there is the application for the ID card with Skatteverket. You need to get the personnummer first, of course.

3) What do I have to bring to this? My paperwork showing my personnummer, my passport, and residency card?

4) What bank will I have a good chance of getting an account before my personnummer is setup? What documentation should I bring along? It sounds like some banks will make me wait until I have my ID card.
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post 13.Jul.2017, 09:51 AM
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QUOTE (us_to_se_2017 @ 13.Jul.2017, 12:05 AM) *
Hello,Longtime lurker, first post.I am an American, I have a job offer and a work visa application pending at Migrationsverket.It's a permanent job as a software developer ... (show full quote)

First of all - Congratulations! smile.gif Well done on getting the job offer!

So yes, depending on the company - you might need to go to Skatteverket or Migrationsverket (I would go Skatteverket, they are quicker) and apply for a person number. You just need your contract and a living address (no proof required here) while in Sweden. The reason I say this is because I didn't take a proof of address so yeah. With that, you'll also need your passport and if you have one, a residence permit.

I have heard people have issues with it but I did it myself and it was relatively painless. If you are staying in an AirBnb, it doesn't matter. Just don't tell them. As long as you are there for a couple of months, its fine. The reason is because that is where you will be registered as living. Once you receive your person number, its sent to that address and you can then go and apply for a ID card (at Skatteverket also). This usually takes about 3 weeks give or take.

Once you get your letter confirming your person number, that same day...go to Skatteverket and apply for the ID card. It costs about 450sek or something (you can pay with cash or credit card). Take with you the same documents as before (Passport, Contract etc. and as you picked up your Person number, that letter too). They will then take these details, take a photo of you and measure your height.

After that, wait another 2, 3 weeks and you'll get a letter telling you can pick up the card. Here, they will also ask you to sign in a tablet. THIS IS YOUR SIGNATURE. So take this seriously as if you don't remember your pin for your bank card or something, you can actually sign for stuff using your ID card and your signature.

Once this is done, go to a bank..set up a bank account. You could of course do this before but places like Handelsbanken need proof of person number and your ID card is the only acceptable form of proof (apparently :S)

I have heard Swedbank, Nordea and SEB are pretty lenient on this in that you could theoretically just have your number and that's enough - you just have to ask really. It's up to the people there really.

SEB and Nordea are great banks in my experience whereas Handelsbanken are town based effectively so if you have any issues, you have to go to the branch you originally set up your account at. They are also pretty unhelpful so yeah - i would try SEB or Nordea.

It goes without saying that you do pretty much all of this when you get here. However, depending on the company you work for, they might actually help set this stuff up for you so I would actually check with them!! It would save you time if you could get your person number before coming over that's for sure!

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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post 13.Jul.2017, 11:13 AM
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Thank you - that helps immensely.

There are so many horror stories floating around, it seems like such a problematic process (not to mention people being deported upon work visa renewal).

I don't get why the websites doesn't say anything about bringing your work contract though.
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post 13.Jul.2017, 11:36 AM
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QUOTE (us_to_se_2017 @ 13.Jul.2017, 12:13 PM) *
Thank you - that helps immensely. There are so many horror stories floating around, it seems like such a problematic process (not to mention people being deported upon work vi ... (show full quote)

Yeah. I think the reason is because theoretically you can get a person number without a contract but if you have one, it makes the application just a lot smoother. They will contact your employer so just be aware of that!

Glad I could help! Just message me if you need anything else smile.gif
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post 14.Jul.2017, 04:21 PM
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OP. Personal number has absolutely nothing to do with employment, it is about being physically resident in Sweden for 12+ months. Sometimes they issue one in advance of the 12+ months requirement if they decide that you provide enough evidence that you will indeed be resident longer than than 12 months. A job offer (or contract for that matter) does not prove you will be here for 12+ months, you could be fired on day 1. Sometimes when uncertain they will make you wait a minimum of any trial period in the contract, or a full 12 months.

If you have a job and cannot be entered into the population register, then at a minimum you will be given a co-ordination number.

opening bank accounts can nowadays be troublesome, banks have strict legal obligations to verify their customers identity (which is not always that easy and can cost them). Easier to tell you to come back with identity documents they can easily verify (i.e. Swedish issued ones). It is unreasonable to expect a bank clerk to be able to recognise foreign issued passports and/or other documents as genuine/fake. Plus the relatively new strict reporting requirements on US Citizen (or former Green Card holders)...

QUOTE (us_to_se_2017 @ 13.Jul.2017, 11:13 AM) *
not to mention people being deported upon work visa renewal.

People are not granted extensions because either themselves and/or their employer did not follow the terms and conditions of the permit. Simple as that. With so much media coverage of this nowadays there should be absolutely NO excuse for an employer/employee NOT following the current terms and conditions ... they are very clear. It shouldn't even require the law changing, now employers know what can happen if they don't ...and if they don't, then they clearly have no regards for their non-EU employee, didn't really need the person as they create the situation to lose them, and the employee obviously didn't care about the permit since they didn't bother to ensure the terms and conditions were met.
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post 16.Aug.2017, 12:42 PM
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Glad I found this. I was about to post a very similar thread.

I'm Australian and I too have also received a software developer role. I have signed my contract and my new company is just waiting for my work permit to be approved. I was going to fly to Sweden in September, and I was hoping to sort out all of this stuff as soon as I arrive.

From my understanding when my Work Permit is approved, I will then need to go to the Swedish Embassy / Migration agency (depending on if I am in Sweden at this point) and get a Residence Card. When I receive the card I can then apply for my Personnumer with the card, my id, and a copy of my signed contract. When I receive that I can then apply for an ID card and eventually get a bank account!

I wanted to know, do you think I could use my work's address when I apply for the Personnummer? I think I will be in and out of AirBnbs for my first month and a bit, so getting mail sent to one of these places seems a tad risky if I move so soon.
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post 16.Aug.2017, 01:10 PM
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@butter Yes you can.

They need the address to send you the ID card.

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