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Sambo agreement (Pre-nup) questions

Apartment, savings, and other assets.

post 11.Aug.2017, 09:41 AM
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Hello There!

I am planning to move in with my girlfriend after the summer, and therefore, I have started to think about the legal consequences of this change in our life. We are moving together to my rented apartment (Only me in the contract and I will pay the totally of the rent by myself). I wonder if in case of breakup (I know that nobody expects to break up when moving in together. However, look at the divorce rates...) I will be able to keep the rented apartment for me. In addition, I have inhered properties and money. I am afraid if I have to state these assets in a prenup / sambo agreement to protect them in case of future break-up. Could you throw some light into this issue?

Thanks a lot!
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post 11.Aug.2017, 12:45 PM
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Sambo breakups only affect "bodelning"; effectively dividing your shared home and its contents.

What is owned separately or what is inherited is not included.

As for the rented apartment, the law pretty much says he who is in greater need of the apartment gets it if you can't decide this then a court will.
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