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Am I allowed to be in the apartment? Tenant rights

Didn't tell landlord

post 13.Sep.2017, 10:30 AM
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I moved here in Feb 2017 with my Swedish boyfriend. Obviously I moved into his place. He has a firsthand contract that he got through connections. The catch is that basically, he said he was dating a girl (not me) to get the apartment as she knew the landlord and knew she could get him a place through them. This was all in March 2016. and yes, stupid move.

Fast forward to now, I'm registered here and have been here since February. Today I finally ran into the landlord when I was putting my key in the laundry room. Of course he asked who I was, why I had a key and where I lived. (In English) I gave my name and explained that lived upstairs with my sambo. He then said "ah ok, I'll speak with him about it".

So now we're freaking out a bit that maybe we were actually supposed to inform them I moved in...looking back it was a stupid move not to. So long story short:

Legally, should should they have known I moved in? Im not on the lease or anything. Can they kick us out for this if they're mad enough about it?
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post 13.Sep.2017, 11:43 AM
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Legally, and this goes for both BRF's and rentals, you are allowed to have a live in flatmate ("inneboende") without the landlords permission, as long as the person who holds the contract also lives there. It's only when you want to sub-let ("hyra i andra hand") the apartment that you need the landlords permission.

"Den som ska upplåta bara en del av sin lägenhet, till exempel ett rum till en inneboende, behöver inte fråga hyresvärden om lov. Detta gäller så länge den inneboende inte ska använda lägenheten självständigt."
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post 13.Sep.2017, 03:00 PM
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Hyresgästföreningen has lots of info, see
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