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Sweden is 'in the process of dismantling

democracy': ex-Social Democrat head

post 17.Oct.2017, 06:49 PM
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Let's see if this story will survive longer here than in view on "TL front-page".

Sweden's ambassador to Iceland has frightened the bobble-heads that run the "country" proper, by addressing the clear change in direction Sweden has taken, from democratic values, to, well, "non"-democratic ones.

He predicts that the way things are headed in precious Meatballia, his now 4-year old son will grow old in a Swedish dictatorship or technocracy, after Sweden's complete's its current mission of dismantling democracy.

And while it is tough to get past him being a Swede, even I think he might just be on to something here. It kind of frames the nasty video "Sweden The New Country" in its rightful place; where current citizen's values no longer govern the country. And this of course also serves somewhat to explain Sweden's completely odd and naïve embrace of Islam, complete with it bending far and wide to accommodate it in every possible way. And just wait until the new Islamist political parties start gaining traction in Sweden, why, it will be like Sweden went out into the world, and brought back one of the best all encompassing political-take-over religions out there. Like a little piece of East, smack dab in the West. Ah, it just doesn't get better than that.

And you really know Håkan is on to something when the rest of the stuffed shirts that are the current Swedish guv, start baulking vaguely and showing in no uncertain terms how they really need to shut this guy up before anyone starts listening to him.

But really, they need not worry. The "ministry" will merely prepare a statement of conformity, and all the restless Swedes will dutifully align themselves to it, like the obedient ants they are.

The Swedish model: you don't need to understand nanny, just shut up and do what you're told.
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