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School for kids

How does it work?

post 10.Nov.2017, 06:14 PM
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Hello everyone,

We are a brazilian family moving to GBG and we are a little bit worried about how would it work to get my children to school.

We didn't find much information so could someone point out a good source or briefly explain how would it work?

We reach GBG at the end of the month, I have a 3 y/o boy and a 10 y/o girl.

My main concern is if it is difficult to find a vacancy, also how and where we apply to a school.

Totally lost here, highly appreciate any help.

Best regards,

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post 11.Nov.2017, 12:39 AM
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Specific info in SV about shools in Göteborg:

Info in multiple languages about how Sweden works in general:

Hope that helps
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post 13.Mar.2018, 02:13 AM
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I heard that some public schools in Gothenburg provides preperatory class for studens who are new comers to sweden , do you know which primary schools has such classes?

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