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As Self-Important Sweden's Image Cracks

Löfven Emphasises "Image Management"

post 17.May.2018, 05:33 PM
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Ah, poor Sweden. It's all coming apart and now Swedes in general are in a tizzy after realising that no amount of tax revenues paid will be enough to continue propping up and perpetuating its false image of perpetual glory for export to the world.

That's right Sweden, the cracks are showing, and the more you desperately try to fill them in, the more attention they receive. A perfect result.

1) Sweden is a restrictive society:

"“Sweden’s strong consensus culture has meant that the government’s narrative has been supported by the political opposition as well as by much of Swedish media and other sections of the establishment,” Neuding adds. The struggle over Sverigebilden has thus revealed its dark side. Anyone who attempts to highlight shortcomings of Swedish domestic policy is easily deemed unpatriotic and risks ending up ostracized. “Your name gets associated with ‘illegitimate opinions’ by polite society,” Neuding says."

2) "Sverigebilden", translates as “the image of Sweden":

"On the one hand, communication around Sverigebilden is part of Sweden’s so-called nation branding, which is directed at outsiders, including the tourists and investors who support the Swedish economy."

3) "On the other hand, it’s also about shaping the conversation and media reporting about Sweden at home. As negative images of Sweden spread abroad following the 2015 refugee crisis, and the apparent challenges the country was having integrating its new arrivals, the Swedish government made it a priority to engage in what Neuding refers to as “image management” aimed at foreign audiences."

I really must say, suffering life in Sweden really was unbearable, but after you leave, you just see it, more and more, for the ridiculous farce it really is.
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post 17.May.2018, 09:21 PM
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Hejjjj!!! You figured it out!!!! Sweden is ridiculous!!!! Don't tell anyone or... Aww shoot. Is national hari Kari the next step. Of just Stefan lofven?

But how about that black guy on barnkanalen who occasionally pops up during a network advertisement eating a big juicy watermelon!!!

Nothing wrong with that in the super duper socially and worldly humanitarian politically correct consciousness of us all.
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