Graduate programmes in Sweden

Stockholm's Stadsbiblioteket - Photo: Susan Yin/Unsplash
Stockholm's Stadsbiblioteket - Photo: Susan Yin/Unsplash

If you’re looking to further your studies past university, Sweden offers a multitude of graduate programmes designed with the international student in mind. Keep reading for more information on doing your master’s, MBA or PhD in Sweden.

Master’s programmes in Sweden for international students

There are over 900 different graduate programmes offered in English in Sweden, with options in many different disciplines. Sweden is a popular choice for a master’s degree because of its highly-ranked universities, international student population and flexible policies for those who wish to remain in Sweden after graduation.

Master’s programmes in Sweden tend to run for one to two years and include coursework as well as a research project. Application procedures are different from school to school but the deadlines tend to be in January for August-start programmes and August for January-start programmes. More detailed information can be found here.

Doing an MBA in Sweden

Student life – Photo: Bruce Mars/Unsplash

One of the most popular types of master’s programmes in Sweden is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). MBA programmes can run one to two years and put a heavy emphasis on developing real-world business acumen through the use of case studies, practical assignments and group work. As business is becoming more and more global, doing your MBA in Sweden can give you even more experience with the international side of business.

Doing a PhD in Sweden

If you’ve already received your master’s degree or would like to achieve a higher level of education, a PhD programme might be the right fit for you. Sweden is a popular choice for doctoral candidates partly because of the highly-ranked universities and international educational model, but also because of the unique way Sweden views PhD students. Since PhDs typically consist of a research project that lasts several years, doctoral students are considered to be researchers, and receive all of the benefits of a salaried job as such. The pathway to becoming a permanent resident as a doctoral candidate is also a perk of undertaking this programme in Sweden.

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