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Female guide wanted for Shaolin Master to travel together

Ad type: Wanted
Location: Other
Date added: 04 Jan 2019

Hidgi is a Shaolin monk, he is an activist that travels in the world to do humanitarian actions although he is blind.
We, his friends and students in Berlin, are looking for a female companion to be his guide in his journeys. It must be a woman. In the past he tried with men but it was always a problem to be accepted by associations and also to understand each other.

He is very kind, funny and honest. He looks for a woman to rely on and in whom he can trust.

He masters different disciplines like Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Kung-fu, Meditation, etc. He is also a psychologist and osteopath. He speaks 12 different languages (french, english, italian ....). He has knowledge about astrophysics and neurosciences too. He is always ready to teach high knowledge for free, to help people to evolve and rise up, being able to help themselves and the others.

He does a lot of missions on Work-away and other humanitarian websites therefore he knows by experience that 2 men together are refused, but a couple is always accepted. You don't have to be a real couple, but the profile man - woman is important to be accepted by most of the associations.

Salary: - learning from/with him the things that interests you
- traveling in the world with everything paid
- plus 500€/month

Your dutys: - guiding him and organizing the journeys together
- help him about the details of his life that he cannot face without his eyes

Next destinations are: Sicily, Sardinia and Lampedusa. Later on South Spain, France, Scotland...

Testimony last guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFHWzfRcihw

Contact Hidgi: AUDIO-MESSAGE because he is BLIND.
On Whatsapp or Telegram: +33 769 96 99 95