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Date added: 21 April 2021

As part of my residence status application Migrationsverket have given me a week to provide a certificate of health insurance even though my Swedish wife and I have been living and registered here (with Försäkringskassan/Skatteverket etc) since 2019. Does anyone have any tips or advice on which insurance companies to approach for this and how best to get such a certificate? Many thanks in advance!!

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  1. Hi. First, is it really Migrationsverket who are asking for the certificate of health insurance? In my case they had nothing to do with it and it was Skatteverket who ask for that. In any event, you will have to go to Global Companies as in the same situation I tried Swedish insurers such as Trygg Hansa, IF, and Folksam. They all said they do not understand the requirements Skatteverket has laid out nor do they provide such an insurance cover anyway. I ended up using CIGNA Global but you can also shop around with AXA, Zurich etc. Take care though, the weeks deadline is a hard deadline and you will be rejected if you miss it. You can then appeal. The reason this subject is a hot one is that if (I assume you are British?) you are trying to get residence (uppehållstillstånd) under the Brexit transition agreement, Migrationsverket will give you the card but you also have to satisfy the Skatteverket application to be on the Swedish Population Register (Folkbokföring). It is for the Folkbokföring that you need the Comprehensive Private Health Insurance. Without being on the Folkbokföring you will probably not get a Bank ID, nor have access to other services including healthcare (as well as COVID testing and vaccinations!).
    I will not suggest to you any specific policy for insurance as currently I am in an appeal process so who knows if it worked. All I know is that I have spent months trying to gain a legitimate status in Sweden post Brexit and that even after spending £3000 to satisfy a requirement for healthcare insurance I am still not registered and have to wait 3-5 months for the appeal to run before I am either deported or allowed to stay.

  2. Hi Paul, what did you get in terms of health insurance cover in the end? Migrationsverket describes ‘comprehensive health insurance’ as insurance that covers the costs of ‘both emergency and other medical care, as well as hospitalisation, dental care and possible repatriation for medical reasons.’

    This seems to be most health insurance plans I’ve looked at, even on the more budget end, but do you have a clearer sense of what they mean by comprehensive?


  3. Hi Fred. I went with CIGNA. I have no idea if it is acceptable to the Skatteverket as they do not comment, they just rule. Am still waiting for appeal outcome so unable to tell you if any of this is working. Be careful also as it is not Migrationsverket doing the control for the insurance, it is Skatteverket as they control the Population Register. It is very unsatisfactory as without being on the Population Register you are basically excluded from many things such as getting vaccinated and your ‘Comprehensive’ insurance does not cover such things. You will also not normally get a bank ID and personnummer so whilst Migrationsverket can issue you with a Residence status, it means little until you are on the Register controlled by Skatteverket.

  4. I used Cigna Gold – with no deductible -and was accepted (I note I have no preexisting medical conditions or exemptions so this covers me for everything ) I submitted with an extra cover letter that clearly stated that I have no excess, no pre existing conditions, and I clearly stated what is covered and that the amount of cover in £ GB exceeded the required amount in Swedish KR stating the conversion for them . I read it can be inconsistent re who assessed the claim as to whether it’s accepted, so was keen to clearly spell cover out for them. It worked!

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