Convert work permit to spouse permit

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Date added: 06 November 2021

I have valid work permit in Sweden and I am working.
I am in the first 24 months of my work permit.
Now I want to apply for “partner permit”.
According to this website I can stay in Sweden while I am waiting for my application:

My question is that when is the best and correct time to apply for partner application? (one month before my current work permit expire) or (as soon as possible)?

Please share your experience if you had the same situation or know the answer.

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  1. Hi,

    My partner had the same situation as you have now. It solved well in our case but the situation was very critical and I should warn you that you are in a very risky situation. And the question here is not even when the best time for you to apply. The thing is that if you ask any lawyer he will advise you not to apply for the sambo permit while you are on the work permit as you risk your application to be rejected. The next thing that will happen after you apply for the sambo permit is that Migrationsverket will send you a letter where they will state that you do not have a right to apply for the sambo permit while being in Sweden as you have to do it from you home country. And you will have two options suggested from them: to leave Sweden or to stay but then Migrationsverket has the right to reject your application. That’s what happened in our case, and we were shocked and thought that it was a mistake. I know that on the website of Migrationsverket it says that you have the right to stay in Sweden. I remember the moment when I showed this text to our lawyer and he looked at it and said that it didn’tt mean anything as the text does not have any support in the law. It is totally up to Migrationsverket to decide in your favour or not, it depends on what handläggare your case will go to and other circumstances in your case that might give you more support in your right to stay in Sweden when applying for the sambo permit. My advise is to get a lawyer so you know what to expect. Hope it helps.

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