Moving to Sweden from UK.Advice on importing a vehicle

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Date added: 30 May 2021

Hi all, first post but I have been struggling to find advice elsewhere so figured I could try here 🙂

My fiancé are moving to Sweden in August. I am looking to bring with me a motorbike. I want to buy it in the UK and ride to Sweden as a bit of an adventure ride for the Summer. Now that the UK has left the EU I am not sure on the rules for important vehicles, most importantly import duty and VAT. I am aware of the adjustments required for the bike and re-registering it.

If anyone has experience of this please let me know if you can share some insight.


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  1. My wife and I brought a car from Canada, and actually it wasn’t a big problem. There were some expenses (like for having the vehicle inspected and registered), and stressful moments (driving the car so that it was running on fumes when we dropped it off with the shipper). But nothing was too terrible. So despite coming from outside the EU, I would expect you’ll be OK.

  2. Hi, I reregistered my Belgian van here in Sweden with out problems. Its a question of following the stages set by Transport Styrelsen. One main thing is that you may need an EU certificate of conformity, which I had. This means that it is a standard european model, which helps. Pre Brexit bikes may have this? You may have to change the headlamp if the beam is angled for British roads, you can ask a dealer to check the UK and euro part numbers to see if they are different. You will find good info in English at Transport Styrelsen.

  3. I shipped our US car to Sweden in 2019 (actually cheaper to ship our 2nd car in the US than buying a used car here!).
    In regards to tax, the key is that it has to be for personal use. You can’t sell it for at least 1 year (possibly 2) and then there is no VAT/tax, etc. It is easier if you owned it previously, but the important part is proving personal use and not selling it here for a period of time.
    There are some standard import, processing, paperwork fees, etc.
    The key is to just hire a good shipping company and they will take care of all the paperwork for you, again, there’s a fee, but it is well worth it. They do this everyday and know the process completely.

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