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Date added: 19 May 2021

I’m a 18-year student in the Hvitfeldska gymnasiet. I’ve been living in göteborg for about 2 years but I don’t know much Swedish because I go to IB-Program in school (2019-2022).
I have a problem with my visa but it’s a bit complicated cause When I came to Sweden with my family, We as family had one application for all of us. however, now that I turned 18 my application got separated from my family. I have gotten rejected once but I have appealed the application to court. Now if i get rejected I get kicked out of the country But if I have a job with a minimum of 13’000kr salary a month before tax I could stay with no problem, though the job has to be permanent and they should be paying my insurence stuff.
So now I want to get suggestions for jobs that are in this price or if you know websites or places I can search for this kind of job. I have to be working for at least 4 months before getting the reject answer. I presently have a part time job but the money is not even close to the needed salary.
Do you know of any job suited for a student and with at least 13000 salary per month? pls reply or text me (0764454011) if you know something anything would help


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