Scary pictures of Eddie Läck stretchered off ice after violent collision

Swedish goalie Eddie Läck ended up in hospital after being sent sprawling as the Detroit Red Wings' Andreas Athanasiou scored a game-winning goal with 3:01 left in overtime.


Malmö 'Isis member' accused of terrorism for fire at Islamic centre

A prosecutor has charged a Syrian man with terror offences, alleging that he started a fire at a Malmö community centre in order to spread fear in the name of Isis.


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Why everyone should fly Qatar Airways Business Class at least once in their life

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'I wanted to show Sweden what India is to me'

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Swedish for Programmers: the secret to getting a job

It can be hard to find a job in a foreign country – even if you have skills that are in-demand. The Local spoke with an employer about what they look for – and a few expats who solved the problem.


What should you do during a terror attack?

The likelihood of ending up in the middle of a terror attack remains low in Sweden. But if the worst should happen, what can you do to boost your chances? The Local asked experts for advice.

How to help your child adjust to life abroad

Moving abroad can be a big adjustment for anyone - and it's even harder when the move wasn't your choice. So how do you help your children settle in when your family makes the move? One Swedish startup is helping to answer this question.


'At Malmö University you become part of a global network'

Did you know you can study at Malmö University, no matter where in the world you are? The Local finds out more about the school's 'Glocal classroom' concept and how it brings a top education to your doorstep.


Swedish health watchdog criticizes doctor over woman's toilet birth

Sweden's health watchdog has criticized a doctor after a pregnant woman was sent home and gave birth in the toilet moments after being told to take paracetamol.

Stockholm's skyline is about to change dramatically

You're about to see Stockholm like you've never seen it before.


Eight things to love about renting in Sweden

A housing crisis means that short-term sublets are the norm in major cities and rent regulation rules are frequently flouted. But this week, The Local has decided to look on the bright side of renting an apartment in Sweden.

Why you need a EuroBonus American Express Card

There are a lot of airlines out there – and a plethora of loyalty programmes. They all promise a dozen benefits – but also an awful lot of fine print. How often do you actually understand the system well enough to take advantage of the perks?


Swedish hotel will give you your money back... but only if you get divorced

A Swedish hotel chain is offering all couples a refund – but only if they get divorced within a year of their stay.

7 reasons you should have international health insurance

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When a leading European business school wanted to raise awareness of its new pan-European course, The Local delivered.

OPINION: 'Why is what happened to the Sami in Sweden not common knowledge?'

Internationally acclaimed movie Sami Blood should make Swedes question why Sami oppression in Sweden is not common knowledge, and it's time for that to change, argues Sami Parliament member Oscar Sedholm.


Switzerland investigates Kurdish rally over 'kill Erdogan' banners

Swiss and Turkish authorities have opened separate probes into protesters in Bern who called for the assassination of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



Is it a good idea to paint your apartment white?'s Amanda Strömberg asks two experts about what you should think about if you want to paint your entire home white.


Sweden: We need international doctors

Sweden has more doctors now than in 2009, according to a new report. But the country needs even more, experts say.