Swedish anti-terror measures to get political backing

Sweden's government and conservative opposition agree that the country must bolster its defences against terrorism.


'I didn't consider anywhere else': studying at top culinary school Ferrandi Paris

A career in the culinary world is a pipe dream for many. But for those with the passion and determination to make it a reality, Ferrandi Paris is a clear choice.


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Police were poorly equipped for Stockholm attack, officers say

Heavy-duty protective vests, helmets, and intercom were in short supply during the April 7 attack in central Stockholm, according to incident reports filed by officers working on the scene.


Gothenburg: where the city is your campus

Learn why foreign students at the University of Gothenburg feel they've ended up in Sweden's ultimate college town.


15 movies that will help you discover Sweden

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Why flexibility is the 'modern way' for startups to grow

What's the secret to taking a new business global? The Local talks to one Stockholm entrepreneur about how flexible office space became an 'integral part' of his company's international expansion.


Opinion: We must deal with this attack in a very Swedish way

Don't let Sweden descend into chaos and arguments, writes Faisal Khan.


How Stockholm University helps shape Europe's startup hub

With more tech ‘unicorn' companies per capita than any other city other than Silicon Valley, it's safe to say Stockholm is one of Europe's most important tech hubs.


Social entrepreneur: 'I learned early on that I was an outsider'

Golnaz Hashemzadeh Bonde is one of Sweden's most interesting young entrepreneurs, working hard to combat social exclusion through innovation. But it hasn't been an easy journey.


Lottery system proposal for Swedish school enrolment met with criticism

Proposals from a commission set up to find ways of improving Sweden's schools have been met with a mixed reception.

Memories and images from Stockholm terror attack to be preserved by museum

"When an incident like this happens we want to help preserve thoughts, reflections and photographs for the future."


Can we trust banks to keep our money safe?

Advances in IT have made mobile banking in Sweden a breeze. Most of the time. But do banks have what it takes to keep customers and their money safe from cyberattacks and IT meltdowns?


Expat depression: 7 tips for how to cope

April 7th is World Health Day, and this year's theme is depression – a problem more common among expats than many people realize. Luckily there are steps you can take to beat back the expat blues!


10 reasons to get on board with Qatar Airway's QSuite

Double beds, pyjamas, a family dinner table, actual closing doors, and 3,000 films? Yes, this is a plane we're talking about – not a mansion. Here are 10 reasons you should get on board with Qatar Airway's new QSuite.


There's a light in every window, and other decorating challenges for non-Swedes

Victoria Martínez writes about some of the things you did not realize you would have to invest in when you first moved to Sweden.


25 ways Stockholm has become more international in the past year

Stockholm is becoming more international each and every day.


Five inspiring career stories to read in 2017

Every Monday The Local interviews an international worker about the ups and downs of their lives in Sweden as part of our My Swedish Career series. Here are our most-read interviews in 2016.

Swedish for Programmers: the secret to getting a job

It can be hard to find a job in a foreign country – even if you have skills that are in-demand. The Local spoke with an employer about what they look for – and a few expats who solved the problem.



How to make a Swedish spring salad with an exotic twist

This salad is healthy and delicious all in one. Get some spring fever with Swedish food writer John Duxbury's recipe.

Why you need a EuroBonus American Express Card

There are a lot of airlines out there – and a plethora of loyalty programmes. They all promise a dozen benefits – but also an awful lot of fine print. How often do you actually understand the system well enough to take advantage of the perks?


This is how much it costs to rent an apartment in Sweden

The cost of renting a sublet apartment has soared in the past year, according to fresh statistics.

Five 'Swemojis' that will help you understand Sweden

Having a tough time getting your head around Sweden? These 'Swemojis' should help!


Young Swedes becoming more politically engaged, but don't trust politicians: survey

Young Swedes are growing more politically engaged, but almost half of them have little confidence in politicians, a new survey shows.