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Five top tips for foreigners buying an apartment in Sweden
Planning to buy your first apartment in Sweden? These five tips from Karin Hellgren, information head at state owned SBAB Bank, should help make the process smoother.

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Property prices have plummeted in Sweden in the past year, according to fresh figures.
Thinking of buying an apartment in Sweden, but struggling to get to grips with the nuances the locals take for granted? Fear not, our handy guide will put you on the right path.
Hollywood icon Greta Garbo's villa in Sweden is now up for grabs for a minimum of 32 million kronor ($3.9 million).
The most expensive house in Sweden has just been sold for 125 million kronor, equivalent to about $15 million.
Thousands of newcomers to Sweden risk becoming homeless in Sweden in spring next year, as many municipalities are struggling to find housing for new arrivals.
A rare opportunity to own a home from three centuries ago has come up in Sweden after the owners of a farmhouse from 1738 decided to sell.
Ever wanted to own an airport? A man in western Sweden is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone to do just that and purchase one he built himself – provided they meet his high standards.
Sweden must tackle persistent growth in house prices and the continuous rise in household debt if it wants to avoid risks to jobs and economic growth, the European Commission (EC) has warned.