Whether you're looking for a house in the countryside, a flat or just a room to rent in Stockholm - we have a wide range of property rentals to choose from. Use the text box to search rentals in cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, or other areas you are looking to rent in. Choose a monthly rent cap and adjust the number of rooms and area to find a home that suits your budget and needs.

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Vinterstigen, Boden

Maria-Högalid-Gamla Stan

Rundvägen 8, 132 36

Huså Bygatan, Järpen


Måns Bryntessonsgatan 21C, 415 03

Vretahagsvägen, Skogstorp

Maria-Högalid-Gamla Stan

Dimvädersgatan 28, 418 37

Kummelnäsvägen, Saltsjö-boo


Midnattsvägen 10, 142 42

Torngatan, Malmö


Storskogsvägen 84, 139 71

Vik , Örnsköldsvik


Storgatan 82B, 352 46

Storgatan, Hyltebruk