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Applications opened at 8am today.

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‘Hind Aleryani is not a number, and neither is anyone else’

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Complaints over Swedish Migration Agency surge due to permit gripes

‘I’m not a quitter, but what have I done to deserve this?’

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Sweden’s tough new residency laws begin

Sweden votes in favour of tough new residency laws

This week: Sweden votes on tough new residency rules

Sweden slashes refugee forecast figures for 2016

Syrian comic: We don’t prefer Sweden any more

Increase in violence in Swedish asylum centres

Refugees in Sweden to get free bus passes

Refugees to Sweden face long wait for ID checks

Attack on migration minister at refugee home

‘It was a long journey and some of my friends died’

‘Relocate Syrian refugees within Europe’ says UN

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Sweden cuts predicted asylum seeker figures

Lone child migrants to Sweden double in 2014

‘North Korean boy’ in Sweden risks torture

Asylum backlog prompts seven day work week

Swedish town demands cut in refugee numbers

Harvard athlete told he can’t help Swedish kids

Man sets himself on fire inside migration office

Teen held after boy’s death at asylum house

Swedish-only letters leave refugees frustrated

Refugee-shy towns hit out at new asylum bill

Family reunification boom fails to materialize

War weary Syrians find new home in Sweden

Swedes urge Syrians not to rush to embassies

Confused Syrians queue at Swedish embassies

Sweden offers residency to all Syrian refugees

Three freed in migrant axe attack drama

Migration Board boss: I’m not quitting

Woman falls from roof in protest over Bangladeshi

Bribery allegations rock Migration Board

Iraqis leave Sweden

Migration Board seeks consultant help

Migration Board: ‘Hamas is a liberation movement’

Migration Board to blacklist ineffectual asylum lawyers

Migration Board sets new principle in Congo ruling

Sweden to prioritize deportations in 2009

Teen flees ahead of scheduled deportation to Croatia

Six men flee Migration Board detention centres

Migration Board worker charged with bribery

Decision to work in Sweden proves costly for aspiring resident

Flow of asylum seekers to Sweden expected to drop: agency

Suspected infiltration at detention centre

Sweden offers asylum to Iraqi who aided US military

Migration Board slams refugee housing plan

Fury over ailing man’s botched deportation

Migration Board worker found guilty of bribery

Migration agency used anti-Muslim lawyer

Migration Board bans ‘racist’ lawyer

European court halts childrens’ deportation

Fewer seeking asylum in Sweden

Anger as deportees held in solitary confinement

‘Who am I?’ – Mystery foreigner pleads for help

Man forced to re-apply for asylum after boarding wrong train

Sweden to pay more asylum seekers to leave

Vellinge changes course to welcome refugee kids

Residence permits for sale on black market

Sweden shifts priorities for resettling UN refugees

Sweden plans Afghanistan orphanages

Migration board launches online citizenship form

Sweden increases refugee forecast again

Man held after Migration Board hostage drama

Man ages 12 years after Swedish court decision

Migrationsverket cuts asylum seeker estimates

Suffering along the path to suffrage in Sweden

Refugee boom leads to campground shelters

Swedish towns strained by asylum seeker spike

Housing still scarce for refugee children

Sweden opens online student visa service

Swedish minister ‘tired’ of refugees from Greece

Labour migration law ‘costs Sweden IT jobs’

Refugee child denied care by Swedish hospital

Sweden enlists cartoon bear to help asylum seeking children

Sweden to stop asylum expulsions to Greece

Sweden deported man to the wrong country

Sweden slammed for new Iraqi deportations

Police chief fed up over ‘jailed’ asylum seekers

Protesters arrested after Iraq expulsion demo

New action against deportations to Iraq

Sweden deported family to wrong country

Migration Board ‘violates human rights’: report

New asylum policies pave way for boost in forced deportations

Swedish citizenship applications on the rise

Manpower shortage leads to work permit delays

Sweden offers ‘haven’ for persecuted writers

Family outrage over 90-year-old’s deportation

Migration Board offers fast track jobs migration

Two weeks reprieve for 90-year-old deportee

What does it mean to be a dual citizen?

Time runs out for 90-year-old deportee

Last minute reprieve for 90-year-old deportee

Russian migrant freed by armed men

Sweden to let would-be residents apply online

Police swamped by ‘impossible’ deportations

Jobs agency slammed over ‘cheap’ interpreters

‘Your baby looks like Saddam Hussein’

Reforms complicate refugee housing crunch

Man disciplined for comparing baby to Saddam Hussein

Sweden stops deportations to Syria

Fire ravages refugee housing facility

Sweden braces for family immigration boom

Pastor ‘tortured’ in Congo after Sweden deportation

Children ‘unprotected’ after court ruling: agency

‘Force’ municipalities to receive refugee children: minister

Sweden braces for asylum application spike

Sweden asylum seeker figures jump 30 percent

Fewer granted asylum on re-application: report

Syrian refugees can’t bring family to Sweden

Gaming industry decries work permit wait times

Boy who sewed mouth shut to be deported

Boy who sewed lips shut to stay in Sweden

New plan to ease refugee housing problems

Two-year-old girl faces deportation from Sweden

Migration Board delays toddler’s deportation

Mother of abandoned toddler ‘wants her back’

Syrians largest asylum seeker group in Sweden

‘Difficult’ asylum seekers put in Swedish prison

Three men held after attack on refugee centre

Asylum seekers’ legal reps often underqualified

‘No civil war in Somalia’: Migration Board

Police raid Russian gang at refugee camp

Algerian couple shown to be Haddile’s parents

Refugees made to face winter freeze in flip-flops

Union fury at McDonald’s ‘job selling’ scheme

Family fights to keep aging mum in Sweden

Family wins residency fight for senile mum

Two arrested for selling residence permits

Ugandan couple’s family suffers over gay wedding

Sweden halts deportations to Eritrea

Doubts over asylum seekers’ age claims

Alliance rift over family reunification policy


How to get a faster decision on your Swedish citizenship or permit application