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Olle Linton, a teacher from Stockholm, founded a Facebook community to help teachers deal with racism in schools. He tells The Local Voices how it works, and why it's so important.

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Syrian teenager Anas fled to Sweden - to play football

People said he was crazy, but Anas al-Sarmini made a beeline for Sweden because he so desperately wanted to play football after escaping the devastation in Syria. READ
Matilda celebrates with her 'children' - the refugee football team she trains. Photo: Private

'I’ve worked 20 years with traumatized kids - young refugees’ trauma can be worse'

When Matilda found out that the unaccompanied refugee children she worked with weren’t being accepted into the local football clubs, she saw only one option: learning to play football so she could coach them herself. READ
Vitali wants to help newcomers integrate in Sweden.

Why this Russian developer is committed to helping refugees - with tech

The driving force behind 25-year-old Vitali Poluzhnikov's work is simple: “I am a newcomer myself, so I'm trying to help other newcomers," he says. READ

How a Swedish name finally made recruiters notice this Iranian's CV

Hossein Kazemi, a 30-year-old Iranian mechanic engineer who has lived in Sweden for six years, believes the Swedish job market is unjust, and that recruiters can be biased. READ

'What I mean when I say: I came here to blow myself up'

Why are you here? And why did you choose Sweden? These are the questions Abdulalim Alkatea from Syria keeps hearing. Here he gives his honest answers and wishes to be heard. READ

This Syrian snuck into a Swedish comedian’s heart — through his belly

When Swedish comedian Kristoffer Appelquist heard that Mohammed Alfawakhiri was desperate to move out of his refugee camp, he opened up his home and let the Syrian move in — now the pair are close buddies, and the funnyman is increasingly well-fed. READ

Shakib, 23, works and pays taxes — but doesn’t know if Sweden will let him stay

Shakib Taaha fled Afghanistan with his family after a colleague was murdered by Islamist extremists. Now he’s living and working in Sweden, but doesn’t yet know if he’ll be allowed to stay. READ

'Swedes are polarized on refugees - it's either the welcome mat or the exit door'

Ingrid Sillen, a 68-year-old retired graphic designer, tells us about inviting 70 refugees to her home for dinner. READ

Sweden launches app store for refugees

Newcomers to Sweden can struggle to settle in - but help is on hand in the form of a brand new online platform full of handy apps for language learners, job hunters, and anyone else trying to get by in their new home. READ

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Photo: Jaandée Borelius

How football is getting refugee girls off the sidelines

With much of the debate about asylum seekers in Sweden centred on young men, Göran Smith teamed up with five of his female friends to get girls off the sidelines and onto the football pitch. READ
'We can't be sure what alien sex organs look like.' READ
A woman has described how she was told to take a painkiller when she phoned a hospital in Ystad, southern Sweden, in pain. Just moments later she gave birth to a baby in the toilet. READ
The Embassy of India in Stockholm has urged Indian citizens in Sweden to be wary of scammers who ask for money to fix fabricated errors in travel documents. READ
Best not to look at the price tag. READ

'Whenever I apply for jobs I’m treated like an unwanted stranger'

Meet Roula al Naser, a 25-year-old accountant from Syria who arrived in Sweden on New Year’s Eve 2014, who wonders why, despite her qualifications, the only opportunity she had in Sweden is at a café. READ
Police are appealing for witnesses to a shooting which killed a man and injured three in a residential street of Malmö – but it is an uphill battle. READ
Will your job still exist in ten years' time? How will society and businesses adapt to the advancements that are on their way? READ
Swedish politicians are keen to talk up the country's startups – but their migration rules threaten to strangle them, argues The Local's managing editor James Savage. READ
Major names in the tech community have rallied behind a developer who was told he must leave Sweden within a month due to an admin error made by his former employer. READ

Is Swedish bosses' ignorance keeping refugees out of jobs?

Marketing manager Mouaddar Kouli had strong opinions about the way Sweden helped highly-qualified refugees into work. His ideas led to an innovative new programme to help people onto the right track. READ