A voice for newcomers in Sweden

About The Local Voices

Launched in March 2016, The Local Voices gives a voice to newcomers in Sweden by publishing news and stories in English for and about newly-arrived refugees and asylum seekers in Sweden. The site serves as an online platform for members of this community to learn about Sweden and share their stories with other newcomers, Swedes, and the wider world.

Why English?

Currently, many people are talking about Sweden's migration challenges, but many of the conversations are happening in different languages. As a global language, English offers a neutral ‘middle ground’ for communication between Swedes and newcomers who may speak any number of languages.

By publishing stories in English, The Local Voices will be accessible to both Swedes and a large proportion of newcomers, making it easier for Swedes to learn about the concerns of newly arrived refugees, and for newcomers to better understand news and debates taking place in Sweden.

Who is involved?

The Local Voices is operated by The Local, Europe’s largest and most extensive network of English-language news websites – including The Local Sweden, Sweden’s largest English-language news channel.

Initial funding for The Local Voices has been provided by the Swedish Institute.

How do I contact The Local Voices?

If you have general questions or want to share your story with The Local Voices, please get in touch:

Phone: +46 (0)8 656 5019

Mailing address:

The Local Europe AB
Östgötagatan 12
116 25 Stockholm