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Child poverty is falling in Sweden, but social gaps are growing

Children in single-parent families are far more likely to live in poverty than those whose parents live together. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/SCANPIX

Published: 10.Oct.2018 15:10 hrs

Child poverty has declined in Sweden, but the gaps between children from different backgrounds and demographic are continuing to increase, according to a new Save the Children report.

Poverty is seven times greater among children with a foreign background (defined as at least one non-Swedish parent) than among children born to two native Swedish parents.

In total, there were 186,000 children in Sweden living in economic vulnerability in 2016, a drop of 8,000 from the previous year. Poverty fell among children from all demographics, the report – based on figures from Statistics Sweden – showed, but the improvements were coming more slowly for low-income families.

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