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How a pop-up newsroom fought fake news during Sweden's election

A pop-up newsroom debunking facts and proposing real time fact-checking can change how media publish stories during specific events such as elections. Photo: stefan stefancik/Unsplash

Published: 16.Oct.2018 09:46 hrs

OPINION: International journalists, fact-checkers and experts collaborated to fight fake news during Sweden's election. Two members of the team explain how they did it, and why it was a crucial job.

A group of Swedish journalism students, Finnish fact-checkers, British and US media entrepreneurs, Swedish and Indian media scholars and journalism teachers gathered in a co-working space recently in the old dockyard of Hammarby in central Stockholm.

This diverse group’s mission, funded by Google News Lab, was to monitor the spread of mis-information and dis-information during the Swedish national elections. The concept has travelled from the elections in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico to the Nordic country.

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