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How to have an argument without offending a Swede

Expand and reinforce, don't contradict. Photo: Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

Published: 21.Aug.2019 14:36 hrs

Italians get worked up when discussing pasta sauces. The Brits and French have arguments for fun. But in Sweden, raising your voice is a bit like taking a glass and smashing it onto the floor. Here is The Local's guide to the delicate art of having a discussion with a Swede.

If you're British or French, debate is almost a national sport. People play 'Devil's advocate' (or l'avocat du diable) just to stoke up the passion in the room. If someone loses self control and raises their voice a bit, that's OK, at least between friends. It's a sign of engagement, a sign that they care.  
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