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My Swedish Career: 'When you're based in Sweden, people take you seriously'

Deepak Kamboj. Photo: Private

Published: 12.Oct.2018 10:56 hrs

Indian-born Deepak Kamboj came to Sweden for work and started his music career as a hobby. Now he works for SAS and has a record label that has been shortlisted on Spotify's Top 50.

"The company I was working for then sent me to Sweden in 2010," says Deepak Kamboj. "I changed my job now, but I am still here." Kamboj is 32 years old and comes from Dehradun, a city in the mountains of northern India. In June this year, he started working for SAS Scandinavian Airlines, where he's a buyer and responsible for the strategic sourcing team. "I'm proud to work here," he states. "This is a position with pretty big responsibility and I am one of the only Indians in the buying positions of SAS."

In his free time, Kamboj has a hobby that has got nothing to do with airlines: He is the head of a small record label. "Music is my passion," he says. It all started when he learned to play the guitar back in India.

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