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#MySweden: 'It's a really great blend between young and old, native-born and foreign-born residents'

Alyssa Bittner-Gibbs. Photo: Private

Published: 13.Sep.2019 11:53 hrs

Every week one of The Local's readers take over our Instagram to show the world their Sweden. Today, Alyssa Bittner-Gibbs from the US shows us her part of Stockholm.

How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing?

I am 38 and currently busy with a few political and civil organizations, but otherwise job-seeking after finishing a master's degree in political science from Stockholm University. So far, there's promising leads and I have become quite adept at networking, which is crucial to finding work in Sweden. Until very recently, I floated between the SU campus and central Stockholm where I interned at International IDEA. Otherwise, I am with American-born husband Keith and daughters Alice, age 9, and Matilda, who turns 3 on Monday.

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