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Sweden in Focus: One year on, what did #MeToo achieve in Sweden?

A march organized by #MeToo campaigners makes its way through Gothenburg earlier this year. Photo: Thomas Johansoon / TT

Published: 10.Dec.2018 14:00 hrs

The #MeToo movement took a specific form in Sweden, where women organized and called for specific structural changes in different branches. One year on from what is referred to in Swedish media as 'the autumn of #MeToo', The Local explores how much the conversation has changed, and what can be done to better support the women and girls who continue to suffer assault and harassment.

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Ninni Carlsson is one of very few researchers in Sweden who looks at how women deal with sexual violence, and over the past year she's noticed a distinct change in how people respond to her job.

"People used to just say 'oh, that's a difficult topic' and that was it. That was very common. But now, that's not the reaction. Now, there's a need to talk about it: people are curious, they tell me their own thoughts, there is a huge interest in #MeToo, and I see that as a big change," she tells The Local.

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