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Opinion: Swedish political deadlock crosses Atlantic to US

The Democrats won a thin majority in the House of Representatives, but lost ground in the Senate. Photo: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Published: 08.Nov.2018 15:52 hrs

Sweden held a national election on September 9th 2018. The United States did the same thing on Tuesday. Frankly, it looks like we both had the same election – with the same result, writes Eric Burnette.

I was in Sweden for the campaign and election on September 9th. I also ran as a progressive Democratic in Oregon's Second Congressional District in the May 2018 Primary in the US. So, no surprise, I pay close attention. I'll say it again. We just had the same election. Here's how:

Immigration: Both elections focused on immigration. Some candidates described immigrants as a liability. The media did little to challenge that assumption. Yet the numbers and facts are clear. Given the slightest opportunity, the overwhelming majority of immigrants work hard, successfully integrate into society, and pay more taxes every year. They are a long-term asset often because the children of immigrants significantly out-perform their peers. Immigrants made America great in the first place and will be of great value to Sweden. We both forgot those lessons.

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