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Porsche wins battle with Sami village to build test facility in northern Sweden

File photo of a Porsche being tested in Åre. Photo: File photo of a Porsche not related to the story. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman/SvD/TT

Published: 10.Jul.2018 12:14 hrs

Car giant Porsche has been granted permission to build a new test facility in northern Sweden despite the Sami village which herds reindeer there insisting it will disturb their way of life.

Porsche will build the facility in Kurrokveik near Arjeplog after the Umeå Land and Environmental Court ruled in their favour, denying Västra Kikkejaure Sami village's efforts for the request to be denied over a lack of protection for reindeer herding in the vicinity.

Sami villages are cooperatives with the exclusive right to organize reindeer herding within specific geographical areas.

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