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Reader voices: How Brits in Sweden are (and aren't) preparing for Brexit

Campaigners wave a mix of British and EU flags in London. Photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham/TT

Published: 18.Dec.2018 12:40 hrs

For the 20,000 Brits currently living in Sweden, the impact of Brexit remains uncertain in the absence of an agreed deal between the UK and EU. The Local asked our British readers to let us know if and how the referendum result has affected them so far, from worries over freelance contracts to citizenship applications.

The Local heard from people who had moved to Sweden between one and over 50 years ago, who were aged between 21 and 84. Their professions ranged from video production to engineering with Volvo, with several tech sector employees and academics responding, as well as many other professionals, retirees and students.

They have moved to all parts of Sweden, from Umeå to Skåne and from big cities to small towns. While most said Brexit had not yet had a direct impact on their lives, for many it had changed how they were planning for the future and for some the UK's exit from the EU raised practical concerns.

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