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Sweden Democrats oust MEP candidate just days before EU election

Kristina Winberg was removed from the Sweden Democrats' EU election ballot after accusing a fellow politician of groping another member of the party. Photo: Anna Karolina Eriksson/TT

Published: 20.May.2019 08:21 hrs

The Sweden Democrats have removed one of their politicians from the list of candidates for this week's European election amid groping allegations against another one of their top names.

Kristina Winberg, who cites Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as her political role model and was running for the European Parliament on a platform of fighting illegal immigration, Islamism and terrorism, was the party's fourth top name for the election until Sunday, when she was abruptly removed.

In a statement, the party said she was guilty of "reprehensible and reckless conduct, both in relation to colleagues and staff – but also in relation to directives and wishes put forward by the national organization" and that she had "conspired to smear party colleagues with the help of the media".

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