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Swedish word of the day: pigg

Image: nito103/Depositphotos

Published: 22.Mar.2019 14:28 hrs

If a Swedish speaker says you look 'pigg' you might not think it's a compliment, but it usually is.

Pigg has a few different uses, but the most common one is as an adjective, meaning 'alert/sprightly/wide awake/cheery/lively'. Basically, it refers to someone with plenty of energy, and is roughly the opposite of being tired and grumpy.

Sometimes it simply means 'awake and alert', for example man måste hålla sig pigg när man kör bil (you need to stay alert when you're driving), and sometimes it implies liveliness and possibly more noise or movement than average as well, for example if you describe en pigg publik (a lively audience) or pigga barn (lively children).

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