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Swedish word of the day: snölykta

Do you want to build a snölykta? Image: nito103/Depositphotos

Published: 17.Dec.2018 14:45 hrs

Today's word is just as beautiful as the object it describes. Here's the story of 'snölykta' or 'snow lantern'.

While it may be an urban myth that Eskimos have hundreds of words for 'snow', the Swedish language can also boast an extensive snowy vocabulary. 

The word snö (snow) is related to the English equivalent, as well as to Norwegian snø, Danish sne, German Schnee, Dutch sneeuw, and many more words for 'snow'. They are all wintery descendents of the word *snaiwaz in proto-Germanic, spoken around 2,500 years ago, which became snjor in Old Norse.

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