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Swedish word of the day: sugen

Learn how to use this handy little word. Image: nito103/Depositphotos

Published: 10.Oct.2018 16:44 hrs

Today's word is used to tell someone what you want, what you really really want. 'Sugen' can be translated as 'craving', 'desire', or 'really wanting (something)'.

Sugen is usually accompanied by the preposition på to create the phrase sugen på, and excitingly it can be combined with both nouns and verbs. 

For instance, you could say jag är sugen på en fika, where en fika is the noun, or jag är sugen på att ta en fika, pairing the phrase with the verb att ta. Both of these translate as something like 'I'm craving a fika', 'I'm in the mood for fika', or 'I fancy a fika (in British English)'. When used with nouns, sugen is most often used to cravings related to food or drink, but with verbs it can be paired with almost any phrase. You can also use it in the negative: Ingen var sugen på att prata (No one felt like talking).

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