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'The smell is unbearable – I expected Sweden to work better than this'

A faulty ventilation system has left New Zealand-born Sarah Winsnes and her family with sore eyes and coughs. Photo: Private

Published: 16.May.2019 17:31 hrs

A foul, lingering stench in their newly-built Stockholm apartment got so bad it forced a Kiwi woman to flee her home with her family. She told The Local it's been more than a year without a solution from the construction company.

"It's impossible to describe quite how bad it is; it's like a rubbish dump from the 1980s. You can't tolerate it, you don't want to cook, you have to rewash your clothes, I would say that it really affects you mentally," Sarah Winsnes, a 40-year-old originally from New Zealand, told The Local.

She said the problem with the ventilation first began over a year ago, two years after she first bought the new-build apartment in Bromma. Winsnes and other neighbours noticed that the ventilation system would shut down, leading dirty air to build up and accumulate in the apartments on the higher floor, including what she described as "unbearable garbage smells".

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