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This map reveals Sweden's cleanest swimming spots

Swimmers enjoying last summer's heatwave at Stockholm's Tanto Strandbad, one of those rated excellent in a new report. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

Published: 20.May.2019 15:46 hrs

With the weather warming up across Sweden, there's good news for fans of open air swimming: more than 90 percent of Sweden's bathing spots are ranked as good quality.

A total of 375 Swedish beaches were rated as being of 'excellent' quality for swimmers. This figure was up from 353 in 2018 and 333 the year before.

That's according to a new assessment of the country's so-called 'EU beaches', which means they are part of the union's clean bathing water scheme and get their water quality assessed on a regular basis. In total, 94 percent were considered to be of excellent, good, or satisfactory quality, while in 24 cases, the tests were insufficient to be able to get a ranking.

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