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Migration Agency rejects residence permit, then waits 20 months to tell applicant

The Migration Agency is looking into why its procedures were not followed. Photo: Adam Wrafter/SvD/TT

Published: 18.Nov.2019 10:40 hrs

Sweden's Migration Agency has been sharply rebuked after it rejected a man's residence permit application, but failed to inform him that he was to be deported from Sweden until almost 20 months later.

The Migration Agency rejected the man's application for residency on grounds of needs of protection in June 2016. But the man himself was only told in February 2018, one year and eight months later.

The case was reported to Sweden's Parliamentary Ombudsman, more commonly known as the Justice Ombudsman (JO), the body that processes complaints from people who feel they have been wronged by a public authority or civil servant. It sharply criticized the agency in a statement published this month.

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