A voice for newcomers in Sweden


‘Integration is not that simple: Swedes are shy’

A HR specialist wonders why there aren't more integration courses aimed at Swedes, to teach them about newcomers' backgrounds and cultures. READ
Indian-born Deepak Kamboj came to Sweden for work and started his music career as a hobby. Now he works for SAS and has a record label that has been shortlisted on Spotify's Top 50. READ
MY SWEDISH CAREER: US-born Finley Blackburn came to Sweden to study – and ended up starting her own vegetable farm. READ
Danni Askini, 36, has been in Sweden since July 9th, but she has visited the country 'some 20 times' previously. This time however, Askini hopes to stay: she has had to flee the United States after her work as a human rights defender has become too dangerous there. READ

‘Sweden is heaven for refugee journalists’

Sweden is known for high rankings in press freedom surveys - but how does it feel to be a refugee journalist living and working here? READ
More and more vacancies, but not enough employees. Why is that, and what does it mean for the Swedish gaming industry? READ
MY SWEDISH CAREER: Justina Auskelyte is Malmö's Violinist on a Bike. Not that such a job ever existed – but the Lithuanian created it, and the city seems to love it. READ
The Local asked Sweden's eight parties to answer a number of questions relevant to internationals living and working in Sweden. READ
British-born David Ashby came to Sweden in 2002. Moving from Brighton to Gothenburg to be with his now-wife, the English teacher-turned-author tells The Local that the past 16 years have been a voyage of cultural discovery. READ

‘Swedish employers are hypocrites’

"The solution is 'education, education, education. Swedish managers need to be educated and inspired.'” READ
Unemployment went down across Sweden last month, fresh statistics show. READ
Each spot has a different vibe ranging from simple café spots to more elaborate office hubs with extra perks. READ
Vitali wants to help newcomers integrate in Sweden.

Why this Russian developer is committed to helping refugees - with tech

The driving force behind 25-year-old Vitali Poluzhnikov's work is simple: “I am a newcomer myself, so I'm trying to help other newcomers," he says. READ
Author Catherine Coe can't get enough of children's books – reading, writing or publishing them. She tells The Local how her move to Sweden has provided her with new inspiration for her work. READ
With many young idealists considering their gap year options, sustainable development charity Raleigh International is encouraging young people and their parents to ditch the usual ‘backpacker’ trips in favour of an adventure that matters. READ
It can take a long time to figure out how things work in rule-heavy Sweden, writes The Local contributor Victoria Martínez. READ
When Steve Moloney made the decision to move to Sweden, he had no clue he would get into the coffee business, and even less that he would become the Swedish National Barista Champion. READ