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‘Integration is not that simple: Swedes are shy’

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‘Sweden is heaven for refugee journalists’

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‘Swedish employers are hypocrites’

"The solution is 'education, education, education. Swedish managers need to be educated and inspired.'” READ
If you order a pizza in Sweden, the overwhelming odds are that your pie will be made by someone born outside of the country. READ
Whether you're in tech, media, or a different industry entirely, it's increasingly common to work as a freelancer these days, and internationals coming to Sweden are no exception. Struggling to get set up and navigate the country's system? Read our guide for some help with the basics. READ
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Vitali wants to help newcomers integrate in Sweden.

Why this Russian developer is committed to helping refugees - with tech

The driving force behind 25-year-old Vitali Poluzhnikov's work is simple: “I am a newcomer myself, so I'm trying to help other newcomers," he says. READ
Sweden's national employment agency Arbetsförmedlingen is to close more than half of its local job centres across the country, after politicians agreed to slash its funding. READ
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