A voice for newcomers in Sweden


‘Integration is not that simple: Swedes are shy’

A HR specialist wonders why there aren't more integration courses aimed at Swedes, to teach them about newcomers' backgrounds and cultures. READ
Ian Smith explains why he left a career globe-trotting as a tennis coach to take photographs in rural southern Sweden. READ
A lot can change in the job market in five years, but those working in the welfare or education sector in Sweden are some of the most likely to have job security over the next five years. READ
Youth unemployment in Sweden has fallen to its lowest level since the financial crisis in 2008. READ
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‘Sweden is heaven for refugee journalists’

Sweden is known for high rankings in press freedom surveys - but how does it feel to be a refugee journalist living and working here? READ
The Swedish furniture giant has come in for criticism after sacking an employee who said she couldn’t do early morning shifts because she had to care for her disabled son. READ
Aeroplanes, racing cars, and kitchen taps have something in common: they are all examples of how aerodynamics are used in everyday life. READ
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The labour market in Sweden is under more pressure than in any other country included in a new global report. And the situation is deteriorating each year. READ

‘Swedish employers are hypocrites’

"The solution is 'education, education, education. Swedish managers need to be educated and inspired.'” READ
International workers have been hard hit by bureaucratic residence permit rules. The Local takes a closer look at why Sweden needs to act before it's too late. READ
Unemployment levels in Sweden sank to a record-low during October, with a drop in unemployment for both native and foreign-born workers. READ
"It feels good to know how to defend yourself, and everyone should have the right to learn. Stockholm is a very safe city to live in, but life is life," says Jo Hall, who runs a training studio, Good to Go, in the Swedish capital. READ
Divya Sharma moved from India to Sweden in 2013, but like many in the south of the country, her work takes place in Denmark. She describes how it feels living life on both sides of the bridge. READ
Vitali wants to help newcomers integrate in Sweden.

Why this Russian developer is committed to helping refugees - with tech

The driving force behind 25-year-old Vitali Poluzhnikov's work is simple: “I am a newcomer myself, so I'm trying to help other newcomers," he says. READ
"Since Sweden is one of the most gender-equal countries in the world, we were hoping that maybe our 15-year-old girls would have moved past these stereotypes, but they're still alive and kicking!" READ
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