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Swedes killed in fighting in Somalia

Swedes killed in fighting in Somalia

Published: 29 May 2009 08:10 GMT+02:00
Updated: 29 May 2009 08:10 GMT+02:00

Säpo estimates that about 20 people have left Sweden to train and fight with al-Shabaab, a militant group with alleged ties to al-Qaeda.

So far, a handful of people with Swedish passports have also been killed in the fighting, Säpo reports.

“For the time being, it is believed there are ten or so Swedes on the ground in Somalia. They are either taking part in the violence or in training camps, but there may be more as of yet unknown cases. What worries us is that it’s ongoing and growing,” said Säpo counterterrorism analyst Malena Rembe to the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

The recruits aren’t only Swedes with Somali backgrounds, but are also individuals of mixed ethnicity, according to Rembe.

Some of them are leaving Sweden without telling their relatives what they are planning to do.

“These are people who are going down on their own initiative. They see themselves as a part of a global struggle and want to contribute,” said Rembe.

Somalia has been at war since 1991 when the country’s government collapsed. Recently, al-Shabaab militants have made advances toward the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

08:41 May 29, 2009 by Heebz
This is what happens when young men are brainwashed with hateful teachings and misinterpretations of holy books. There was a report not too long ago here in the United States about Young Somali-American men leaving their families and returning to Somalia to engage in militant training and carry out attacks. These men have been fooled into believing that carrying out these attacks is for a good cause and they are guaranteed a place in heaven. They pose a serious security threat to their countries of origin and the world. The international community needs to take a more aggressive approach in combating these people and the spread of their hateful message.
09:06 May 29, 2009 by Dazzler
Good for them I say, now they have gotten thier 72 virgins. Now if we could convince the rest of em to seek out that reward, the planet will be safe for a change!
09:28 May 29, 2009 by sebseb
If all the Somalis can go back train in Somalia and die there, I see no problem in calling them Sweden ;)
09:53 May 29, 2009 by refugee
Had it not been for these kinds of anti-people activities their endurance give a lesson for those hopeless

Eritrean and Ethiopian who are running a way from home land to be protected and even proud off being refugee in Sweden . Somalia's problem should be solved by themselves, and it is fair to say that fighting for freedom is much worth than simply selling an identity and living as second hand citizen.

In fact, the problem currently existed not in Stockholm rather in Mogadishu so that they had to go to the fighting place to find the solution… They are smart as they realized these technologies and democracy are not belong to them …

You should bring freedom by yourself and don't need an assistance from other party as if your handicap….. Of course, the passport is nothing but a paper …
09:57 May 29, 2009 by hannhanna
May be it's time for Sweden to punish those citizens who contribute to the distabilization of the world. And spoilers such as Eritrea who finance these terrorists should be stopped as well. I see no difference between Bin Laden, Dahir Aweys of Somalia and Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea....they all live on the bloods of others...vampires!!!
10:07 May 29, 2009 by tewodros
hehehe .. Does it mean black Swedes fighting for Somalia al-Shabaab ????

…Refugee ur right ….. Pass port is nothing , can not bring freedom … is a simple paper...
10:31 May 29, 2009 by Frobobbles
As an ethnic swede, I say good riddance to those 'swedes'
10:35 May 29, 2009 by 7
as a non-ethnic swede i say, gee thanks.
10:42 May 29, 2009 by magic1964
Wellfare from Sweden and living in Somalia....great deal, you can buy an entire army. Come on Swedes smile when you pay high taxes....
10:48 May 29, 2009 by Pen&inkArtist
What attracts these people the Sweden in the first place? How do they find out about the generous hand outs? Strange how these people don't seek asylum in places like morocco or Saudi Arabia.
10:53 May 29, 2009 by Inletwatcher
See what comes out of the woodwork on this topic.

11:35 May 29, 2009 by Mamoshka
I knew it! racist comments

Did anyone blame christianity, germans for hitler's actions.

Radicalism in religion is bad no question about it. There is a problem in intregration too.

When can a person be called Swedish certainly not if you are a colored blatte!. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Swedish when he plays in the games wins some goals for Sweden. But outside the games, he is mobbed and called bad names on Swedish forums.

Some Somalis are good some are bad.

Tycker det är sjukt att fördömma människor utifrån deras utseende! eller deras religion, kultur, ras, färg mm .
11:54 May 29, 2009 by magic1964
Why this people who always complain about how racist we are keep coming and never seek asylum to the rich oil countries in the GOLF....Why the muslim Dubaï doesn´t take them instead of building a ski resort in the desert ??? where is the solidarity among Muslims ???

Why they don´t move to the capital of Islam Saudi Arabia a country which doesn´t know what to do with petro dollars???
11:56 May 29, 2009 by 7
why all the questions?
13:58 May 29, 2009 by tigger007

it's only english spoken or typed on the local! (just joking). if a person makes up his or her mind to go and fight in their home country that's fine. if that person is fighting and killing innocent people and fighting for a cause that isn't just! he or she should lose their visa in their refugee country. HEEBZ said it best in his comment! PS. Mamoshka we all here on the local know swedish ,so where u have to say in swedish say in it english!! (NOT JOKING)
14:25 May 29, 2009 by Mamoshka
tigger lol i escaped swedish forums because of racism and it seems it spread here too
14:54 May 29, 2009 by moh
what freedom do they achieve in killing their own?

I think these people are lost in life,they couldn't find good use of their lives and become escapists in the name extremism.

If only each one of them used those funds to eduacate 2 somali kids in camps such as daadab refugee camp in kenya they would have the lives of not less than 50 kids.

improper intergration sytem is to blame.If these people don't see the other side of life and stick to their barbaric mentallity what should one expect from them.
16:19 May 29, 2009 by Omaro
I want to ask something here, those guys have lived in Sweden for years, didn`t they learn something from life here ?

When a man or family come to a new country to begin a new life, they must change themselves to truly begin a new hopeful life, how come one comes from a country full with wars and conflict doesn`t think to live a new, clean and innocent life here, it is true there is racism here regarding work and social life but not all the swedes are racists and not all the non swedes are good people. What were those guys doing in sweden? where were their families? didn`t they learn ? didn`t they get jobs, families to care about?
16:37 May 29, 2009 by moh
some people think sweden is heaven(sitting at home and living on welfare)on their arrival and begin messing around with their lives until they realize it's too let(may be they don't),this trend is common espacially among the somali communities.i don't know what sweden excepts from people who never saw door of classrom.

Others think the swedish culture is 'evil' and end up being barbaric extremists trying to change the swedish people.
17:00 May 29, 2009 by 7
why do you care?

people don't always adapt to the their new countries. look at the anglophones here, how many are ready to move back to their own countries? and if you add in the "adversity" element, how many of the swedes who emigrated from sweden to the US during really tough times came back to sweden?
17:20 May 29, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
"Swedes" you say? Hardly.

The idyllic Sweden the world once knew is gone, victim of it's own policies which it was famous.

Now, Sweden is aiding and abetting the illwillers in the world by acting as a blind sactuary for "refugees of armed conflict" with an open immigration policy.
17:22 May 29, 2009 by double concerto
So Sweden is now subsidising muslim takeover of Africa via handouts to Somalian "Swedes". it's incredible, you Swedes must be the most stupid and dozey race on planet earth...these Somalian nutters are running rings round you.
17:30 May 29, 2009 by 7
sorry, but what exactly do you or the the world know about the idyllic sweden? you sure you're not talking about switzerland? since that's what most of the world think of when they hear sweden. and the "ideal" you're referring to: you mean the quasi communist, effeminate cowardice swedes that people moan about? or the socialist sprawl of the 60s?

or are you just thinking of the supposed porn?

yes. there's a little box on our tax return where we can donate 10kr to the muslim overtaking of africa. personally, i always throw in another 5 for good merit.
17:42 May 29, 2009 by main
No person should support a cause by using violence. There are ways to deliver a message with effectiveness. Very naive to think that youthfull, or religion, or politics valids reaching for a gun to solve a situation.
17:54 May 29, 2009 by Kaethar
Hitler's actions were not done in the name of religion, as is the case here.

What does integration have to do with this? Are you saying that the radicalization of religion cases problems in integration or simply that religion cases problems with integration? I agree with the latter. There is no such thing as integrating different religions. Religions call for separation. Integration needs compromise. Religious people do not compromise. There is a reason why all religious groups in the Islamic world live separately and follow different laws. It's the West which for some reason believes a multi-religious society can exist in an integrated multi-cultural society. This is simply not the case.

And here I'm talking about religious people by the way, not secular people.

How racist of you.

Zlatan is born and raised in Sweden and is definitely Swedish. He calls himself Swedish too and I doubt he cares what a bunch of people on some forum thinks of him.

Och vad har detta men den här artikeln att göra?
18:04 May 29, 2009 by Querist
*my prior truth-seeking post deleted by moderator*

Question: Didn't Stalin enforce censorship?

18:38 May 29, 2009 by moh
i think improper intergration leads to radicalisation or rather extremism.

am just trying to understand why these young people moved back to somalia to kill and avoid blaming it race like some are doing here
19:16 May 29, 2009 by Mamoshka
i think it is censur too!

goodbye all! censur is bad and racism as well

if this site promotes swedish democrats i'm out of here delete my nick!

like you deleted my post about swedish democrats!

i spent an hour to create this one!

It is better i moved out from this crazy country and its crazy people who have no clue what is an imigrant and what is a refugee

they see every imigrant inferior to them

your clean white aryan race!

bevara sverige white, i get it
19:22 May 29, 2009 by Mamoshka
and this site thelocal.se promotes racism against imigrants, bunch of swedish people living in the united states promoting Sweden and cleaning its image!

non of the racist posts are deleted but mine the moderate as an offensive If i was a Swedish blonde aryan it would have been kept here stay tuned to read about the swedish democrats interview here

delete my nick!
19:27 May 29, 2009 by Mzungu
Still here,sorry thought you were leaving!

*well in anticipation, bye bye*
21:46 May 29, 2009 by nut
I am pasting the link of another popular news on thelocal website.The news says

Swedish teen tackles centuries-old numbers challenge


And do you know who is this Swede?He is an Iraqi immigrant.....hmmmm
21:55 May 29, 2009 by Mzungu
There you go, nut!


*check the board*
22:03 May 29, 2009 by Kaethar
How on earth does the local promote SD?

Sounds long... post it somewhere else where spam is allowed.

Clearly you should move if you see the country and her people as crazy.

What on earth are you on about? Although there's some truth to that. Sweden lets in thousands of people as refugees when they're in fact economic migrants... but I don't that's what you were referring to.

Mamoshka sees every Swede as racist.

What a world.

Do you by any chance suffer from an inferiority complex?

Wtf? Swedish people in the US would read the Swedish news, not Sweden's news in English.

Ever heard of freedom of speech? People are allowed to have their opinion. People are not, however, allowed to spam message boards with posts that have no relevance to the topic at hand.

I think the quote "look for racism and you'll find it" just gained another meaning with you. Just get over yourself.

If you want to talk about SD start another board.
22:26 May 29, 2009 by Omaro

I understand u, they have deleted my comments as well. Integration seems a lie in Sweden.
22:51 May 29, 2009 by moh
i think calling someone without any justification a racist is unacceptable unless there is somebody willing to be called so.

From my own personal experience i beleive that those who always jump onto others calling them racists happen to be one.

I hope people realize that by arguing more and more about racism we only end up deviding people apart,into racists and anti-racists,therefore propergating hate.
01:05 May 30, 2009 by dtes
hahahaha, I am GLAD THEY ARE DEAD! good thing, now if we could just get all the rest of the morons to go kill themselves too! maybe someday there will be a real holly war and they will ALL go fight over the middle east and nuke each other into oblivion leaving only the atheists up here in the north to start over and to have gardens and sustainable little passive solar homes with eco friendly transportation and NO MORE TV FED SHEEP AND SUCKERS AND BOTTOM FEEDERS! YAY FOR HOLY WAR, GO DIE FOOLS!
07:56 May 30, 2009 by jimmyjames
One does have to wonder why all these poor, helpless refugees seek out asylem in Sweden and Western Europe instead of India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,ect. If a person bearing a Swedish passport leaves to participate in a Holy War, recieve military training, ect. Their passports need to be immediately revoked and their names/fingerprints placed on a EUROPEAN UNION ( not just Swedish ) NO ENTRY LIST. You guys are playing with fire. Your liberalism, political correctness, and childish social views are going to cause your people and nation turmoil like you can not imagine in another 15 - 25 years. You ever wonder why the Japanese, the Chinese, the Russians, the South Koreans DO NOT ACCEPT REFUGEES nor do they ALLOW NON-NATIVES TO GAIN CITIZENSHIP, ect. ????
08:30 May 30, 2009 by DidiE
What Kaethar said- well put, you. And hej då buh bye, Miss M. Your posts indicate a sort of unbalanced approach seen here far too often for my taste. Go ahead and let me know I'm a racist before you go, ifn you like.

Jimmy James, people who apply for refugee status have to work with an international process overseen by the UN's High Command on Refugees (not the real name, but I'm not arsed enough to find the full title.) They get sent to which ever country agrees to take them in, barring family members in some third country who may agree to support them. So it's not like there is a huge queue of potential jihadists all waiting to come to Sweden. It's just that Sweden, unlike those lovely countries you cite, actually gives enough of a shizzle to agree to take in these folks.
09:00 May 30, 2009 by dtes
well in response to DidiE, i just wanna say i think its about time that Sweden's shizzle needs to fizzle! we are getting fed to the sharks, these people come up here with their conquer the world religion, out breeding us 10 to 1, that should be enough to cause alarm as is but THEY ARE ALSO TRAINING AS MILITANTS? i find that absurd, if you can go back and fight then you can go back and stay, fact i say if you can go back to play you can go back to stay. I am NOT being robbed of my taxes just to fund third world terrorism all over again, (after all that is why i left the usa to begin with. im not choosing sides, i hate all religious whackos and war mongers equally, and i do NOT think its fair i have to share my air with them mustless my taxes when i dont have even more than a buss and an apartment to my name, and no kids cuz i dont wanna raise 1 in this mess.
09:07 May 30, 2009 by Uncle
Mamoshka - Nazists were atheists. Check the facts.But - yeah...people blamed germans a little.. a little bit still blaming them. Just a little

IMHO, Sweden is too lenient with the islamists. Hezbollah is marching in the streets with their flags, AlQaida had their camps here. Black September was welcome here. Muslims are using democracies cynically.
09:45 May 30, 2009 by Rubbi
You truely are special10 years for you to find a dentist just shows your level of intelligence. I find it amusing that you come on this forum making claims about people being racist,xenophobic . When you are no better yourself considering your anti sweden rants..

Mamooshka rant

p.s Don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out.
10:10 May 30, 2009 by Jamtjim
This is simply not true. Hitler himself frequently spoke about god in political speeches and professed a belief in an aryan jesus christ.

The nazis could be regarded as anti organised religion but this had more to do with usurping thier power rather than a genuine athiest belief.
13:28 May 30, 2009 by Nutcracker
Jamtjim: Totalitarian ideologies, communist or nazi, often used organised religion, usually through threats and force, because the religion within the nation predated, by centuries, their ideologies, and the religion was identified as expressing part of the national spirit and could be seen as a rallying point for patriotism against an attacking enemy. Also, these regimes turned their national leaders, Hitler and Stalin, into 'demi-gods' as a substitute for real faith in God. They've still got Lenin mummified in Moscow.
13:44 May 30, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Moderator's Note:

Several posts have been removed from this thread because they were either completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, for example querist's post:

Or full of unnecessary and inflammatory speech:

You may disagree with my decision to remove the above post, but in my opinion it's entirely inappropriate to suggest adopting racist attitudes in order to "protect" one's culture.
13:52 May 30, 2009 by Jamtjim
Nutcracker. I totally agree with you, however as there was an underlieing spiritual belief in a deity (and in many case the occult) the nazis cannot fairly be described as athiest.

Stalin however was undoubtedly athiest. Evil people exist and do evil things whether they are thiest or athiest. The only difference is that I for one have never heard of anyone doing evil in the name of athiesm whereas we are bombarded by daily attrocities committed in the name religion whichever it may be...

Is Lenin still on public display? I had heard that he had started to rot!
15:19 May 30, 2009 by Nutcracker
Jamtjim: I agree that nazism doesn't define itself in terms of religious beliefs or atheism but communism was certainly atheistic at its roots because it saw religion (and family, education, military, nation et al) as competitors for The State as the absolute source of power and loyalty for the 'masses.' As soon as they took power, the communists murdered thousands of priests, destroyed innumerable churches, ikons and tried to remove all traces of it from national life. Only WWII made it necessary to acknowledge, and harness, the Russian people's innate religious spirit to the war effort. As for the nazis, they persecuted all churches and imprisoned ministers/priests who spoke out against them. "It is not true that Man cannot organise the world without God; what is true is that, without God, he can only organise it against other Men."
21:58 May 30, 2009 by jimmyjames
Ms. Kitten I'm very curious about your opinions. Are you suggesting that pride in ones race is bad ? Pride in one's cultural heritage ? In the case of Swedish race and culture which can be traced back way past the Vikings to at least 2,000 years. Are you suggesting that people do not have the right to self preservation of self, of clan, of tribe, of race and of the culture that flows from their racial characteristics ? What exactly is your stance on identity ? Do you wish for a world where we are all so completely mixed that we no longer exhibit the traits that account for cultures,languages,cuisines,ect. Or is it just people of Western European race that are forbidden to seek to protect their identity for fear of being "nazis", bigots, racists, ect. ? Please illuminate us ALL.
23:50 May 30, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
Anyone who comes to Sweden as a refuge and then returns to their old country to get involved in a war should be immediately stripped of their citizenship.

The head line should now read "No Swedes killed in fighting in Somalia"
00:39 May 31, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Funny how you could read all that into the one sentence I wrote in response to another poster who suggested that Sweden could do with a little more racism. I find it disgusting that anyone could suggest such a thing. I stated that, in my opinion, it's entirely inappropriate to suggest adopting racist attitudes in order to "protect" one's culture.

I don't recall stating anything one way or the other regarding pride or identity or my "wishes." However, if you insist on being enlightened, okie dokie. What is pride, exactly? Pride is an irrational state of mind in which you believe that you're somehow better than everyone else. This attitude becomes dangerous when you start to believe that you and the select group of people you consider to be enough like you are more entitled to existance on this planet than anyone else. Words like clan, tribe, and race are meaningless to me because I come from 100% white American mongrel stock. What do I have to be proud of? Oh I know. My ancestors shagged everything that moved in Europe and eventually I emerged out of that genetic mess. That's really the only thing I have to thank them for.
13:49 May 31, 2009 by Nutcracker
Miss Kitten: Your complete remarks at 00:39 in which you denigrate your Caucasian race, your European ancestry and your American nationality ("genetic mess") are really no less racist, for being self-professed, than any other bigoted remarks made by others. You say you have nothing to be thankful for from this race, ancestry and nationality, apart from 'emerging' from it. I would say the self-loathing you evince is a large part of the problem here: this country, and most other Western countries, are facing problems from an enforced presence of Moslems whose ideology is entirely at variance with our concepts of justice, human rights and values and to be concerned about those is not racism, it is realism.
15:55 May 31, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Why, thank you.
17:21 May 31, 2009 by 7
miss kitten, i'm relieved someone else confronted you for your self-loathing. i have been very concerned by your use of cordovan shoe polish as base foundation and your daily self-flagellation yoga techniques. you need help. or cheesecake.
17:33 May 31, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Send cheesecake.

And chocolate.

And kittens.
10:07 June 3, 2009 by Norum
Agreed with Frobobbles. Good riddance to them.

3 trouble makers less.
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