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Wounded bear attacks hunter

Published: 31 Aug 2009 08:36 GMT+02:00
Updated: 31 Aug 2009 08:36 GMT+02:00

The wounded animal sank its teeth into hunter Omar Jonsson's arm in the woods outside Storbänna in northern Jämtland.

"I wanted to make sure the bear didn't have any cubs before I shot, but when I fired the first shot the bear came rushing towards me. I managed to fire another shot, but the bear didn't fall," Jonsson told local newspaper Länstidningen.

"A third shot proved necessary too," said Jonsson.

By the time he got off the last shot the bear had managed to get within biting distance. The 194 kilo bear lunged at the hunter before plunging dead to the ground.

"Fortunately it's nothing serious, just a couple of minor scratches from the bear's teeth, nothing too deep. I've been to the doctor and had a tetanus injection," Jonsson told Östersunds-Posten.

The hunter said he was amazed by how quickly everything had happened.

"It was if the bear was running even though it was already dead," he said.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

10:26 August 31, 2009 by Otaku
Very sad that the bear is death instead of the so called hunter. Murderer will be the better term..
10:37 August 31, 2009 by mysticbumwipe
Quite so, Otaku. What exactly is the purpose of bear hunting?

Is it just for sport or what?
12:19 August 31, 2009 by onlymini
I guess it's "just for fun", kind of sick.
13:37 August 31, 2009 by tuco!
Hope the next bear won't miss this hunter's throat!
15:21 August 31, 2009 by eZee.se
Damn Tuco, you beat me to it... was just going to write the bear should have taken a chunk of his throat instead of his arm.

Good luck to the next poor bear, hope it does some serious damage.
15:39 August 31, 2009 by m.us
Bear hunting is now conducted to reduce the number of nuisance bears in the northern part of Sweden. The hunter is a local guy trying to make it safer for his kids or grand kids to go Lingon berry picking. It's not "just for fun"
16:40 August 31, 2009 by Nina_
Wanna keep the kids safe, keep them at home. Killing is killing. It shouldn't matter if you kill a beer or a person. It's murder. Poor little beer.
16:54 August 31, 2009 by LundenLad
veggies out in force again I see.. yawn
18:43 August 31, 2009 by glamshek
Miss Nina, Killing an animal is not the same as killing a human being. Human being is more superior and everything else is for human beings. If someone bites your kid and your pet animal, which one is more distressing? I m sure it is your child.
19:12 August 31, 2009 by eZee.se
Oh yes, we build in places where bears have lived for hundreds of years... and suddenly we the foreigners are not the nuisances but they are. Gotto admire us humans. Fantastic.
19:14 August 31, 2009 by The Traveller Returns
Nina, if he had shot a beer, there would be uproar but it was only a bear so everything is alright.
19:50 August 31, 2009 by Moshe
m.us stated:

"Bear hunting is now conducted to reduce the number of nuisance bears in the northern part of Sweden. The hunter is a local guy trying to make it safer for his kids or grand kids to go Lingon berry picking. It's not "just for fun"

What do you do when people become a nuisance? The bear was only picking berries?

The bear died because a human had the urge to kill and he almost got killed in the process. The bear was defending it's life from a crazy human who was trying to save his children from starving. All for a bunch of berries.
21:02 August 31, 2009 by drummer
I wonder how many of the anti hunting people here are Swedish. I fail to see how you can complain about the ways of a country if you are only a visitor.
21:53 August 31, 2009 by jose_s
Most of the "anti hunting" swedes I know happen to be vegetarian so their arguments are somewhat biased. Hunting to control a population should be done by government appointed rangers. Someone who can do it correctly, not having to fire off 3 shots. I totally agree, if people "choose" to go into the forests picking berries where they know there are bears then you are on their grounds.
22:17 August 31, 2009 by The Traveller Returns
Has any body got the hunters number please???

I've eaten moose and deer here but never bear, would love to try it. Send me a message, thanks.
22:26 August 31, 2009 by lingonberrie
Human beings are not "superior" to any other animal in the animal kingdom.

The reason that the world is in the abysmal shape that exists is because of the human population that produces like the eggs of frogs, but unlike those frog eggs, more human births occur.

Before the advent of out-of-control humans, a balance was kept and everything lived and existed within that balance.

Forget about the idea that because you are a human that you are also superior, because each species is more evolved or lesser evolved in their own sphere.

One way to test that statement is to go swimming with a a great white shark, and you will quickly see just how "superior" that you are as a human.
23:19 August 31, 2009 by Coalbanks
I think we should all go and kill a few beers, eh?
00:13 September 3, 2009 by brøklyn_bjorn
lingonberrie, point well stated.

and killing beers is not a crime. =P
02:21 September 6, 2009 by Johnny Salami
I hope your happy shooting Winnie-The-Pooh like you did. And you made up the bitten part, too. Your "wounds", such as they were, were caused by shards of the honey pot Pooh's head was stuck in when you blew his brains out.

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