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Müller slams Russia at Nobel awards ceremony

Müller slams Russia at Nobel awards ceremony

Published: 11 Dec 2009 09:34 GMT+01:00
Updated: 11 Dec 2009 09:34 GMT+01:00

In accepting her literature prize, which was awarded for her work inspired by her life under Nicolae Ceausescu's dictatorship in Romania, Müller said that Russia, China and Iran cloak themselves in the language of civil rights, but that this doesn’t mean anything when it comes to real commitment.

Chemistry Prize joint winner Ada Yonath took a lighter tone in her acceptance speech, declaring that if it wasn’t for her nice chauffeur, Nisse, who was driving her during her stay in Stockholm, she may have got lost in the city and missed the ceremony altogether. The chemist’s speech drew choruses of laughter from the 1,300 guests.

Distinguished guests included kings, queens, 12 Nobel Prize winners, and representatives from the Swedish Government. Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf had Ada Yonath at his side, and Queen Silvia has Physics Prize winner Willard S Boyle to her right. The Queen wore a light green embroidered dress.

Chemistry Prize joint winners, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan and Thomas A Steitz had the honour of sitting beside Crown Princess Victoria, who wore a plum coloured dress in silk-satin.

All of the Royal Family attended the glittering ceremony, including Princess Madeleine’s fiancé, Jonas Bergström. The Crown Princess’s fiancé, Daniel Westling, had received doctors’ advice to stay home to avoid the risk of infection following his kidney transplant in May.

This year's Nobel ceremony had a 'Fairytale' theme, as played out with flower arrangements and costumes worn by the chorus from Romeo and Juliet, who provided the evening’s entertainment. The performance took a baroque tone, as reflected in costumes and the instrumental and musical choices.

Food was wheeled out for guests at around 7.30pm, and was served on tables draped in 470 metres of tablecloth, with Nobel porcelain, and amongst gold décor.

Guests danced the night away at the gala ball, to the big band sounds of ‘On Cue’, and the real party heads traipsed off to the after-party, at Nobel Night Cap, which is traditionally arranged by Stockholm’s students.

TT/Stuart Roberts (news@thelocal.se)

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10:46 December 11, 2009 by Random Guy
and more.....


who will be next? those who speak against zar putin?
11:11 December 11, 2009 by bjinger
The winner of literature hasn't learned to speak at a nice literal tone.shame on her.
12:15 December 11, 2009 by Rebel
And the Russians care what this windbag has to say?
13:25 December 11, 2009 by latent
Even you won the Nobel..please do not say or blame some if you do not understand political very well.......Every coin has two sides. You always lose one side if positively staying with the other..
15:12 December 11, 2009 by MichaelZWilliamson
Wait, it's a bad thing to call murderous xenophobes murderous xenophobes?

I'd hope for more of that.

Maybe if we stopped pretending Russia, China, Iran, Zimbabwe, et al are nice places run by fun-loving people, we could work on actually changing things.

Or is Europe too busy being smug and superior?
16:22 December 11, 2009 by wenddiver
The first step to change is admitting there is a problem. These murderous country's that have spread terror through out the wprld definetly have a problem. Good for her! It was a very brave thing to do.
16:34 December 11, 2009 by bettan1
Wonder why everyone just did'nt wear brown shirts and practce gosse stepping in front of the stage?

I'm so sick of this world's politics and the arrogant people who've been put in charge of running this planet under the guise of , "Because I care more than the other guy"

All these celebrity awards programs no matter what the country are purely political ornaments.
16:53 December 11, 2009 by aaww
Müller, who do you think you are???

Nobel prize laureate, yea, so what?
17:27 December 11, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
I'm going to predict the future headline:

"Nobel Prize Winner Found Dead on Bucharest Street"

17:38 December 11, 2009 by Audrian
I think this woman is still in the cold war mentality. She picked all the countries the US regards as its enemies. She made no mention of the US invasion of Iraq and total distruction of Iraq and its conversition into a fertile ground for terrorists! If this is not a flagrant abuse of human right and crime on humanity what is it!
18:37 December 11, 2009 by lingonberrie
I concur with Audrain's view.

She notably left out war-mongering Israel and their Leibeigenschaft ghetto that they maintain in Palestinian territory, and their illegal land grabs of the Palestinians for Jewish Leibensraum as well, a la Nazi Germany.

19:46 December 11, 2009 by calebian22

Have you ever been to Israel? Awesome place! So many wonderful Jews; a real Promised Land.
22:02 December 11, 2009 by wxman
At least she added a modicum of value to this essentially worthless cermeony.
22:04 December 11, 2009 by jon f
question should ""people"" of immergration be tested ever year to see there state of mine. should "Leaders" be Tested to see what state there mines are in after gaining power and should not be leak out to the meada to make a field day of it?
22:16 December 11, 2009 by azbuka

> Müller said that Russia, China and Iran cloak themselves in the language of civil rights, but that this doesn't mean anything when it comes to real commitment.

Some comments:

> Wait, it's a bad thing to call murderous xenophobes murderous xenophobes?

> These murderous country's that have spread terror through out the wprld definetly have a problem.

Firstly, there is far more than one step from showing serious commitment to civil rights to being murderous terror-mongering xenophobes. I can see how throwing out labels is so much easier than making a cohesive comment, but, please, consider the next time that you post will be read by dozens of people, and refrain from spreading hatred.

Secondly, whoever made up the title for the story, must have been happy to see such a reponse.
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