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'Force councils to accept refugees'
Luciano Astudillo

'Force councils to accept refugees'

Published: 19 Feb 2010 07:02 GMT+01:00
Updated: 19 Feb 2010 07:02 GMT+01:00

The party has called for a Lex Vellinge, named after the notorious southern Sweden municipality which has hitherto refused to accept any refugees despite being one of Sweden's wealthiest areas.

Their report, which will be presented on Friday, also proposes a new "responsibility bonus" for the municipalities which accept a disproportionately high number of refugees and asylum seekers. Municipalities not pulling their weight will be given the financial incentive to do so.

After a new immigrant has been provided with a residence permit, the party wants to see the Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) take over responsibility for their establishment in the society. The proposal also includes women who arrive as relatives.

The Social Democrats are also prepared to review the SFI system of language classes for immigrants. The party proposes that the courses should be more adapted to the individual and to professional qualifications.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

07:51 February 19, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Which party is the one that advocates that we stop creating refugees?
08:55 February 19, 2010 by Craptastical
IIRC wasn't this the policy for municipalities like this before refugees were told that they can do/live wherever they want? I don't recall there being any problems with that policy.

Their stance on SFI is admirable as well, I just wonder how they'll go about implementing it. It takes a lot of funds and time to make changes like that.

Anyway, this is the first time in a long time that I've agreed with anything S has proposed. It must be an election year :-)
08:57 February 19, 2010 by byke
I dont know if I believe you should enforce refugees.

If an area needs more "qualified" people, and is diluted with much of the same it doesnt do any good.

Maybe (and just maybe) sweden needs to re-evaluate the working factors and qualifications of these refugees and a-sign them from there.
09:10 February 19, 2010 by livinginsweden
Sweden please solve the local homeless problems before taking in more refugees... charity starts at home... and refugees should go to those countries that caused or encourage local wars by selling weapons or encouraging local parties to fight each other or taking sides.

Refugees should also go to those countries that invaded another country..etc...

Look at australia, uk, usa, france, etc. and see what massive problems can be created ... increased racism, violence, arson, etc.

Good intentions may not always end with good results....

Wake up !!

ha ha
09:19 February 19, 2010 by CanadianEh
The politicians need to stop investing so much time and money on this relocation policy, because it doesn't work. If you want integration you need to restructure the SFI course where it becomes more efficient learning environment.

Secondly you need jobs to allow these newcomers to actually be productive in society. Before you can do that you need to knock the bureaucratic walls of employment down. IE. Racist SOBs that are too scared to hire a person because of race, religion and/or creed.

Thirdly they need to educate the ignorant native population that just because someone has a difference it isn't a bad thing. Just look at ''boby' for an example they can start with him/her first. (I know not all Swedes are like boby but unfortunately they are a growing number of them now)

Finally if you need help on the subject of immigrants/refugees ask other nations what worked for them...look at the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States...they are not quite a utopia but they are for sure better off then Sweden is.
09:36 February 19, 2010 by peropaco
I don'twant any political party trying to force refugees upon us. This behaviour will only create enmity in an already divided society.
09:41 February 19, 2010 by Localer
look like next kommun election am going to tick Sverige Democrats .....
10:04 February 19, 2010 by livinginsweden

uk australia canada and the US ... utopia?

Really? have you been there? you know the meaning of 'utopia' right?

the white immigrants or invaders decimated the local aborigines.... the aus aborigines, and canadian indians and american indians.... the white invaders just invaded those countries and turn around and deny others from immigrating to those countries with new white immigration laws...

ha ha
10:29 February 19, 2010 by CanadianEh
you are one confused individual ''Livinginsweden'' re-read the post before you jump to conclusions.... ''...they are not quite a utopia but they are....''

the keywords you need to look at, re-read and re-think of are ''not quite'' definition....'' not close to, not a utopia.... sometimes I wonder is English B really enough for the Swedish population to say they are fluent in this language? Take English C and maybe you'll be more analytical and are able to review what is written more accurately.

And while you are doing that maybe you can give me some pointers on learning Swedish properly, I would love for you to point out my mistakes. (that's how we learn... from our mistakes)
10:33 February 19, 2010 by occassional
Most of this well-meaning political talk is not is sync with popular feeling.
11:00 February 19, 2010 by jimmyjames
Let me enlighten you all regarding immigration here in the USA : At present the country is embroiled in a contentious debate regarding national health care because our current system has become unsustainable. One of the major contributing factors is the estimated 12 to 20 MILLION illegal aliens currently in the the country. Governmental reports also state that for the past 25 years workers wages have been stagnate and for the first time since World War II wages fall far behind inflation. This roo is directly tied to illegal immigrants and their willingness to work at rates at or below minimum. Also the police agencies in all our major cities estimate that from 11 to 20 % of all violent crime is attributed to illegal aliens and 60 to 75 % of all crime is attributed to the countries racial minorities. Further the Center for Disease Control has seen a sharp spike in diseases ( Small Pox, TB, Malaria, ect. ) that all industrialized western countries eradicated decades ago which is directly attributed to illegals and refugees. You in Sweden better think long and hard about the path you are beginning to travel. That Social Correctness and Liberal mentality will get you killed.
11:10 February 19, 2010 by livinginsweden

not trying to split hair but....

... 'they are not quite a utopia' ... sub-consciously makes it closer to utopia or better than nothing ..'not close to' is to me different to 'not an utopia'........ when in fact they are at the other end of the tolerance and assimilation or integration spectrum.... No plan has really succeeded in those countries .... . integration plans have been introduced not to solve the problem but to win political points ...... and win elections.

afraid I have no pointer to learning perfect swedish ... language to me is always evolving and changing... i love it when new comers to a language have their funny way of using and speaking swedish or english ... .. makes it more interesting... otherwise we would all sound like geriatric swedish people...

12:16 February 19, 2010 by Tiddler
More bullshit from an increasingly desperate and totalitarian regime.

I believed democracy was the choice of being able to challenge the status quo, or to challenge any other policy, not to have it forced upon you, and particularly not to have it forced upon you by people who are using your money to do the enforcing.
13:17 February 19, 2010 by Mb 65
When swedes visit the UK they should not just visit London.Then return home and say it is really cosmopolitan there and i love it, that's why we should have more refugees in. I suggest they visit other parts of the Uk where the immigrants have taken over. try living there for a couple of years and see how fast you return to Sweden. What these people don't understand is that the quality of life that i are experiencing now will be gone. the nice part about Sweden is that there are only 90000000 people living here. Just look at the problems Malmo has now.
13:49 February 19, 2010 by Uncle
Each and every commune needs to vote democratically for the quotas for refugees in their own area.

After that, everyone who realizes that if he/she would not like to live nearby immigrant group, but actually their "open mindness" is valid as long as the refugees live somewhere else in Sweden, they should go and vote SD.

After SD will have enough votes, the problem will disappear and be irrelevant.

That is it - democracy and the right to choose.
13:56 February 19, 2010 by svenskdod
Just more of a reason to vote for SD... The Sahlin regime is for the unlimited acceptance of Middle Easterners here. Her quotes say so, the Swedes out there need to wake up or they will loose their country, Malmö is already lost.
13:56 February 19, 2010 by Sjayna
livinginsweden, Why do we have problems as racism, immigrant related violence/crimes etc? Can the answer be poverty, segregation, lack of knowledge...Do you know how much for ex alcohol-related problems cost for the Swedish state? Much more than immigration! Personally I rather prefer that my taxes helps people in real need than swedish alcoholics. I agree with CanadianEH, there are MANY swedish people who should 'learn' a little bit more about immigration etc. They who support SD and their false policy are narrow-minded, stupid people, who can't accept ( or are scare) the fact that the world around them are changing...jimmyjames, you wrote 'that all industrialized western countries eradicated decades ago which is directly attributed to illegals and refugees'...Please, show me some statistics and research results showing the connection!
14:00 February 19, 2010 by Audrian
Re Jimmyjames: Sweden might be generous when it comes to accepting refugess, but it is not the largest recepient of refuges. It is Switzerland which accounts for the largest percentage of refuges in Europe that is the most genrous. It is also one with the strongest economy and the highest GDP per capital in Europe.

The Swedish economy faltered in 1970s (like other Western econmies) because of the oil shock of the 1970s. (Prices of oil increased from below 10 cents per barrel to over $20 over a short time. Today it is above $80. Companies took cost cutting measures and this includes putting pressure on wages. Falling or wage stagnation in Sweden has nothing to do with refugees flooding the market with cheap labor.

There is another compettitive pressure on Swedish economy:It is from Asia's tiger economies, India and china. Because of their cheap and highly productive laborforce they are dominating the manifacturing sector market in the world. If Sweden wants to revamp its manifacturing sector it requires cheap labor, which the local Swedish population might not be willing to give.

There is another reason why Sweden needs refugees. Its population is aging. In the matter of a few decades the predominant majority would be old people, and the present laborforce will not be able to support such a big size of unproductive population. The GDP can fall stepply because of aging of the opulation. Open your eyes, Sweden needs young population. If you are racist, you might want to put white only imigration policy. I wonder how many white people would be induced to come through this policy.
17:50 February 19, 2010 by Uncle
Shayna you are quite new here and hence did not see tons of stats brought not once. For example, the crime rate was increased 120 times per capita with immigration. Out of every 4 raped women, 3 are raped by a refugee.

There is 1 convicted swede out of 3000 swedes, whereas there is one convicted refugee out of 26 refugees. Every 160th refugee is sitting in prison right now in Sweden, whreas every 4700th swede is in prison. Every working german fully sustains 3 refugees and it goes up.

70 percent of refugees in Malmö is unemployed. Out of 700 Jews living in Malmö 100 were physically attacked for wearing yamaka only in 2008. These Swedish Jews who are swedes in 10-15 generation are forced to move.

How about that for some statistics? Would you like to hear more? I have a bag of them. How about them alcoholics stats? Would you treat us with some amazing discoveries?
18:51 February 19, 2010 by Carl
This sounds like a pretty effective way to increase the flow of voters from (s) to (sd)
22:26 February 19, 2010 by Sjayna
Uncle, 28 % of the inmates in prison are not Swedish citizens. How many persons gets prison each year in Sweden? Around 10 000 people...the average occupancy is around 4 700 persons/year. So around 1400 immigrants are sitting in jail. Over 1,1 million people in Sweden are not swedish citizens. Do you mean that a little group of 'bad boys/girls is a reason enought to stopp immigration of refugees or that they can cause total collapse of the swedish welfcare system/country?
01:14 February 20, 2010 by Uncle
Sjayna - you are mixing up statistics, dear. Have you heard the little rumour that is running around? Refugees get citizenship after a while... Can you imagine?

Now to the stats more than 1,1 mil are not swedish citizens? Where the stats from? More than 10% of the population of Sweden are not citizens of this country? Interesting.

Let's be true. The refugees are 500K-600K people in this country. Most are swedish citizens. About 40%-50% of Swedish inmates are of "foreign descent", whereas those who freshly arrived is even more prone to crime, and let's be true with ourselves - these are not danes nor finns.

When the statistics drops from 3000 thousand per criminal to 160 per criminal, when majority of the refugees are sending welfare money back to their 3 other wifes and when rape and murder went up 1200% - I say yes - "they can cause total collapse of the swedish welfcare system/country". Savvy?
08:27 February 20, 2010 by Ben Wallis
I also remember reading sthe stats from the Swedish Institute of Criminology (BRA). One stat I remember was that non Swedes had 4 times the involvement in violent crime. That is a 400% increase in violent crime per head of population compared to Swedes. This and the other stats explain exactly what has destroyed ( or why their countries have not developed in the first place) their own countries.
10:12 February 20, 2010 by tuerd1982

''sometimes I wonder is English B really enough for the Swedish population to say they are fluent in this language? Take English C and maybe you'll be more analytical and are able to review what is written more accurately. ''

Hi, I agree with your some comments above, but not with that one. Not all students in Sweden study social science, they will not write novel after graduation. So, it is not necessary to having a very high language skills, of course it will be very good if you have it. I have some fellows with a very high English knowledge even some of them are native, but they are not good in our natural science subject, even some of them can't solve simple integration and differentiation. Of course, not all are like that. Many spent time for science and creation and some for language. So, please be practical.
10:37 February 20, 2010 by jimmyjames
Let us look at an oddity in the " Politically Correct- Rainbow-Globalized-New World Order" : The Japanese. Japan is one of the most advanced and civilized countries in the world. The Japanese are very caring and polite, BUT, they do not allow refugees into their country, they do not allow non-Japanese to become citizens, indeed they aggressively encourage individuals who are 1/2 Japanese NOT to attempt citizenship.

The Japanese will tell you quickly that Japan is for Japanese, has been so for thousands of years and will remain so. Further, they make no apologies for their stance nor do they fake shame or embaressment for their actions.

The Japanese send billions of dollars/euros in medical,food,and technological aid to where it is needed but under no circumstance allow those in need to set up house in Japan.

No-one in the world community calls them racists, bigots, nazis, ect., in fact nothing at all is said. However if Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand attempted similar actions screams would erupt from the Politically Correct Social Engineers that are obviously hell bent on the total erradication of Western European culture/society/genetics.

WHY ????????????????????????
12:37 February 20, 2010 by Sjayna
Off course the refugees can get citizenship after a while, why shouldn't they?! Check the fact ; www.immi.se and www.kriminalvarden.se

So lets be true, dear Uncle,you probably 'suffer' from the disease called racial prejudices....
16:36 February 20, 2010 by Uncle
Sjayna - you are as prone to understanding sarcasm as I am to understanding that not all people actually get it.

When I said that you probably haven't heard that refugees are getting citizenship is to point that your stats are wrong. You insinuate that non-citizens are refugees, while everyone else is a swede and start counting from there. I say that prisons are filled with refugees, of which part are citizens. That is a fact and you cannot run away from it by trying to manipulate stats.

Every 30 refugees (including old people, children and women) are bringing with them a criminal, who will steal, rape, rob and kill. Majority of them will never find work. Majority of the working ones will dodge taxes and use new business encouragement programs and declaring "bankruptcy" every 3-5 years so the other member of the family would take over the business. This increases interest rates and hits every normal entrepreneur.

Economical contribution of refugees is negative in all aspects and those who actually are paying all the taxes and integrating in the society never did and never will cover for the enormous expenses of this country related to refugees.

These are cold facts and you can wine about my racism (of course it was you who assumed that I am talking about certain race), but it is harder and harder for the you and your left buddies to hide these facts.
14:46 February 21, 2010 by trinaican
ohmy..I swear the local just prints these thngs to incite the likes of uncle and whoever else to unleash their racist diatribes!

Since I ave been reading the local...you guys have been quoting the same old statistics, the same old flawed reasoning (one bad apple in the bunch..throw away all the apples)

Its tenuous...boring...

get over it...if everyone thought like you then everyone should say..dont trust white people, and do not allow white tourists to our countries because they decimate millions, spread their small box and venerial disease by raping the women they come into contact with, the enslave millions for their own economic pleasure..hell ..even , rising scientific evidence has suggested that they killed the neanderthals...

yeah...lets just hate all white people...and make them stay in their countries!!!!!!!!!

and what is even funnier is that you hide your very very simplistic reasoning behind your nice english sentences and your broken record quotation of stats (trying to give the impression that youre SUCH an expert)

I wonder what youre getting at by quoting all those stats??? what are you trying to say? that white people dont commit crimes, they are perfect descendents of the elves..that they had a perfect world before all the swarthy people from developing countries invaded..is that what you and the other SD acolytes are trunpeting up??

WELL THEN BE MEN WHO ARE STRONGLY CONVICTED AND SAY IT OUT LOUD...dont hide behind tese anonymous forums and spew your verbal diahorreah

you guys are just boring
18:34 February 21, 2010 by Uncle
First of all trinaican - breathe! That will assist you to stop the red circles in front of your eyes and allow you to connect your sentences.

First of all - news for you:

1)White population of South Africa is shrinking alarmingly. Crime against whites is like that of a war zone and police cannot do anything, but say that the whites are advised to defend themselves and be cautious. For your info - these whites are not guests. They are Africans in 8th generation.

2)25% of the white population in Zimbabwe are whether slowly hanging on hooks in their own farms (beheaded) or left the country.

3)European expats in arab countries are forced to comply to all the alcohol rules, hijab rules and alike. Especially women who are forced to bring men in order to open a bank account. Marriages are scrutinized and conversion is often forced.

4)There are NO whites in Middle East in spite of the area being heavily colonized (except Israel) The closest to them are local Christians, who from Lebanon to Pakistan are discriminated on government level and are leaving also in increasing amounts.

5)Central Africa whites are attacked constantly and also almost non-existent.

6)All that I am showing with the stats is first - facts. Second, that the differences in mentality are unassailable and therefore rethinking must take place.

I would be absolutely ready to announce this and the stats out loud. Of course then I would put myself in danger, because of the refugees being so peaceful and non-violent. Only a "few rotten apples" would then try and break their way into my home with axes - but at least I know that it is not ALL of them. What a wonderful comfort!
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