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Fires and rioting after Malmö suburb unrest

Published: 29 Apr 2010 08:50 GMT+02:00
Updated: 29 Apr 2010 08:50 GMT+02:00

Some 20 police units, a total of 50 officers, were deployed to the troubled Malmö suburb to try to calm the situation as around 20 youths rampaged through the district leaving a spate of fires and vandalism.

"We have concluded that there were a total of five fires. A couple of cars, as well as a recycling station, were some of the things burning," Peter Martinsson at Skåne police told the Dagens Nyheter daily.

Police were called to the area in the vicinity of Ramels väg in Rosengård at around 9pm on Wednesday. Residents of the area had become concerned over the gangs of young people and feared that fighting would break out.

Fire fighters were obliged to seek a police escort as they were subjected to stone throwing while battling to put out the fires in various parts of the district.

The police have confirmed that they considered the situation had been brought under control during Wednesday night and were able to withdraw their units.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

09:22 April 29, 2010 by booka
nothing new
09:26 April 29, 2010 by byke
Silly Swedes ......
10:13 April 29, 2010 by christo
l dont hear of any arrests going on. if the police can hold as many as possible and lock them. these big headed boys are tanishing that area.
10:32 April 29, 2010 by Kronaboy
Sounds like a typical day in Tottenham, Hackney, Nottingham, Manchester, I don't see what the big deal is, these Swedes are so delicate?
10:33 April 29, 2010 by dobermann
Sweden and other scandinavian countries already turned on green light for young criminals, because they can't be punished as adults. Those idiots from child right and other organisations beleave, that if you are child you can't take a responcibility. Who cares how old you are, if you did some harm to other person or something against the law, then you must be punished. When I was 12 I did some bad thing, but even then I could understad that it wasn't right. Children in scandinavia know their rights, but they forget their duties
10:53 April 29, 2010 by hunnysnowbee
Makes me so annoyed, throwing stones at fire crews trying to put out fires. I bet though, if it were their house on fire then they would be begging these fire crews to save their property, or get them out if they were trapped in side. They need to learn some respect!
11:02 April 29, 2010 by engagebrain
50 police and 20 youths, seems about the right ratio for arresting someone.
11:36 April 29, 2010 by Kronaboy

you don't get this yob culture thing do you, you burn down your council flat you get a better bigger flat, dhuuuuuu.
11:40 April 29, 2010 by hunnysnowbee
Nope,I most certainly do not "get" yob culture, seeing as i was brought up to respect people and have manners!
12:04 April 29, 2010 by Kronaboy

Don't worry, the way the global economy is going I'm sure you'll learn fast enough. If there is one thing I have learned in this life the reason why those on the top (ie Lower middle class etc...) are at the top it's because they are a lot more mercenary than those scrapping at the bottom of the barrel. Just because a man works in a bank wears a suit and has excellent manners doesn't make him any less of a thief, just because his criminality can be justified in a court of law.
12:57 April 29, 2010 by flintis

Good manners & respect don't cost anything, these ignorant yobs should be birched, bring back capital punishment.

Better still send the offenders & their families back to where they once came.
13:02 April 29, 2010 by Uncle
"Sweden and other scandinavian countries already turned on green light for young criminals, because they can't be punished as adults. "

Yep - these were Svenssons and Ericssons who rampaged through Rosengård... These swedes have no limits to their behaviour.

Immigrant muslims on the other hand, with their proper and tough education and upbringing would never burn cars, break stuff or beat people up... What a luck that these immigrants offset the awful behaviour of the swedes!
13:17 April 29, 2010 by cbeynch
It is just too easy to trumpet ones comments on this one. So I think I'll wait for Rick Methven to uncork his usual, pathetic, invective, and weigh in with his fumbling customary verbiage. How about it M? How do you say `reducto ad hitlerum` in farsi?
13:29 April 29, 2010 by flintis
@ Uncle

Yep I agree, you've only got to look in the towns & cities of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Kenya, Nigeria etc etc to see how well behaved, enviromentally aware, clean they are.
14:06 April 29, 2010 by xenyasai
Anyone seen the French film, B13? They should do the same, put up a wall around these people and tell them to let the government know when they want to be part of society again. As it seems they do not want to be part of the society, so let us grant them that wish.

I know that segregation and poor integration is probably most to blame here, but in the end they can only blame themselves.
14:23 April 29, 2010 by Uncle
@Flintis - precisely!

The traditional muslim societies are usually encredibly peaceful, democratic, environmentally friendly, tolerant towards other religions, women and minorities.

Whenever they do have a problem with a government or other cultures, they usually engage in productive dialogue and willingness to adapt to the other side point of view.

As a contrast, these swedes are uneducated barbarians, who resort to violence every time they are tired of their own poverty (which is almost always the case) or when someone does not respect their religion or the way of living.

Swedes always blame others in their own country and then flood other countries and blame others at their own constant misfortune... EVERYTHING because of faulty education in Sweden!
15:02 April 29, 2010 by babychuma
Honestly I'd like to know, who are these "youths" can someone answer? I really just want to know first hand.
15:14 April 29, 2010 by travels

What a surprise, rioting in Rosengård!!

But it's all Sweden's fault, for giving asylum, welfare, opportunities, they are just not treating these people well enough. (Sarcasm, big time)
15:18 April 29, 2010 by flintis
@ xenyasai.

Shame that chemical Ally is dead, but all the same a great idea, put up a perimeter wall, seal it, throw in some of Saddams nerve gas, hey presto no more problem. If every solution could be that simple!!
15:31 April 29, 2010 by Greg in Canada
Rosengard has become Sweden's biggest embarassment.
15:43 April 29, 2010 by Rick Methven
cbeynch you are a sorry evil minded bigot, and unlike George Brown i will not apologise for speaking the truth.

in ALL your posts you spout illiterate gibberish. I suppose we should all feel sorry for you and your ilk, but there again who can feel for a maggot?

Carry on spouting your invective, it has no effect and those of us who reason are safe in the knowledge that you single celled amoeba with an IQ of -2 will never take over the world.

If you are so upset about the system in Sweden why not do us all a favour and LEAVE
16:26 April 29, 2010 by calebian22
Everyone knows who the"youths" are and they are not named Erik or Svenne. It is not bigoted to target a problem or a problem demographic. If the "youths" are the problem you don't target "pensioners."

To all the liberals slinging the word bigot. (you too Mr. Brown):

Q. What do you call a conservative winning an argument with a liberal?

A. A bigot.
16:33 April 29, 2010 by saar
Drove past Rosengård when the "unrest" started.It started around noon. "Youths" start early nowadays. Police and firefighters closed the main road there but nothing more than that.
17:04 April 29, 2010 by sleepinacoffin
maybe they are celebrating in thei unique way that a couple of South Park will not be broadcast in sweden ?
17:29 April 29, 2010 by Rick Methven

See I caught another maggot.

The fish will like to see you dangling on my line
17:46 April 29, 2010 by calebian22

The maggot has turned, but is packing an Uzi. Good luck little fishy!

Name calling is generally representative of an unimaginative and lazy mind. "Maggot" is the best you could come up with? At least "bigot" would have been relevant from a liberal point of view

Thanks for the laugh.
18:29 April 29, 2010 by insect
@ flintis

FYI: Kenya is a christian state and does not have refugees in Sweden as compared to all the other countries you decided to lump it with.
20:03 April 29, 2010 by Kronaboy
I find you bigots so amusing blame everyone except the route cause YOU. Muslims are the only migrants to arrive in Europe who are less integrated with each passing generation and if you think you have problems now wait another 30 years then you will see real trouble, because the guys following me ain't as understanding. You want an example of confrontation between a growing discriminated disadvantaged youthful Muslim population and declining ageing privileged Christian population, then take a good long hard look at Lebanon. Wake up and smell the salt, days of gun boat politics are over if you haven't heard all the natives went and purchased silk worms. The choice is simple Europeanizes Islam, or Islamise Europe the choice is yours.
21:06 April 29, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö
These teens could be Swedes / Immigrants or belonging to some political party or some parties using them. But no matter whoever they are. GIVE THEM TAUGHT PUNISHMENT AND IF THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS JUST DEPORT THEM!
21:46 April 29, 2010 by Kronaboy

And where will you deport them to? The majority of what you call Muslim foreigners are 2nd or 3rd Generation migrants (EU Nationals), and trust me they are not going to allow them selves to be drowned like rats in Seine without a fight.
23:34 April 29, 2010 by wolfbay
Swedes are going to get what they deserve. They are Dhimmi and will be forced to adopt Sharia law.
00:29 April 30, 2010 by badgerknox
I've said it before: there might be all kinds of problems in America, but here, when idiots act up, the police crush them. Sweden needs to leanr to act quickly in decisively in this kind of situation...either that or appoint Bin laden as PM and get on with the business of being subjugated.
01:07 April 30, 2010 by wxman
This is all old territory. Any number of times we've all accurately articulated the problem with Malmo following numerous other articles. Until Sweden actually addresses the problem, discussing it here is a colossal waste of time as it has all been said already.
02:35 April 30, 2010 by jimthat
malmo has become almost a foreing territory .when you walk through the streets you cross with people mostly non white .this is not sweden .is a babel .and inmigrants are so happy .why dont they go to their own country to work for it like they should ,instead they prefer to come here where all is allready done ,its easyer .they take all yhe advantage
10:05 April 30, 2010 by J Jack
This is what you get when you reward people for being stupid by sending them back to school on and off for their entire lives ... more stupid people.
10:33 April 30, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Some hard decisions need to be taken in Malmö. The current local politicians have had their chance. Is there anybody else up to the job, or will the "youths" chase everone away (Jews, children, schools, firefighters, police) and burn the whole place down?
11:30 April 30, 2010 by Kronaboy

Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lebanon etc... was under Islamic rule for 500 years and never subject to Sharia Law, so how do you substantiate your statement? Forced conversions is something which has generally been applied by European colonists, please don't confuse our mentality with yours.
11:40 April 30, 2010 by Kronaboy
Yes and you also have a little thing called positive discrimination which ensures relative prosperity for minorities which is non existent in the EU, try reading a report on the subject written by the US military by a Major Perkowski, rather than ranting and raving with little substance.
11:57 April 30, 2010 by Uncle
Kronaboy - yep, you mentality was applied oh, so well in Sudan, Somalia and Chad, which you still colonize in a sense of influence.

Just to look at the difference between these countries and Namibia, Mozambique, Rhodesia and even Colonial Rhwanda and differences in mentality are becoming clear.

The fact that you cannot actually force islam on people nowadays is not showing that you do not want to. God knows how many famous imams even in Europe are preaching to submission to "the one true God and Mohammad as his messenger" and "elimination of infidels". It only shows that you cannot do it.

When Europeans offered a carrot besides the stick in the form of education, medicine, infrastructure, industry, lower mortality, more free time etc, muslims offer reversed effects.

There are no musim countries that offer a high standard of living (including the Saudis and Emirates with their draconian laws and suppression of women and minorities). 100% of industrial progress in muslim countries is done by western hands.

Almost no Nobel prizes except for books about suppression and peace prizes. Islam brings stoppage of economic growth, dictatorship, burning of books and oppression of women almost automatically to any country that is officially becoming muslim.

Just comparing the ex-soviet republics, one could easily see the effects of even less suppressive islam.

So I would not disregard the threats of making Sweden more accepting of sharia.
13:22 April 30, 2010 by Sam Le Bon
Comment: @Uncle: " There are no muslim countries that offer a high standard of living (including the Saudis and Emirates with their draconian laws and suppression of women and minorities ". Where did you learn about that? Fox news channel?? and based on all tragedies happening in sweden as reported on this webiste, do you still maintain sweden offers high living standards?? and for whom?? have you ever bumped into any saudi or emirati citizen in your lovely stockholm?? the answer will definitely be no! though there are a lot of swedish citizens working outhere in gulf countries because accordind to some of them they can no longer live in country where scums like you still exist, that is if you are yourself really swedish, which i highly doubt! and it seems that anytime there is a problem in sweden there are only 2 things blame, immigrants and islam even when it comes to church sex scandal i think the priests were either muslims or sons of immigrants!! get your facts right son! anyone can pull stats and info from google and come fart around here! A small advice for you son: Dont copy if you dont know how to paste!
15:15 April 30, 2010 by Uncle
Sam Le Bon - your way of speaking to unfamiliar people clearly shows the level of the opponent to my arguments... Given the nick and the way of writing, I would assume... western Africa? Then it is understandable.

Nevertheless, I will answer your amazing argument about Saudis.

If you would actually read through the comment, the standard of living of women and minorities in Saudi Arabia and Emirates are pulling these "all rich" countries to the bottom of standard of living.

Son - go and Google "Standard of living" on that fancy computer of yours and you will start understanding that definition does not mean "Standard of living of young men only"..

So you do not see Saudi men in Stockholm because they indeed live good in their own country. You do not see women there because they are not free people per ce in Saudi Arabia and cannot decide on going somewhere abroad and start their own life.

Even if some CAN technically, they are educated not to do it. Besides the percentage of professionals among women in muslim countries is ridiculous and therefore they cannot offer any skills abroad.

I also do not see Zimbabweans, Chadeese, Congolese, BurkinaFaseese and Burmese in Stockholm. According to your logic - these are better countries than the evil Sweden with it's low standard of living eh?
18:27 April 30, 2010 by Kronaboy

On the subject of style and content of writing I just have to ask, are you on medication and if not why not???

and to clarify my earlier statement was addressed to:badgerknox

Yes and you also have a little thing called positive discrimination which ensures relative prosperity for minorities which is non existent in the EU, try reading a report on the subject written by the US military by a Major Perkowski, rather than ranting and raving with little substance.
19:42 April 30, 2010 by Uncle
Kronaboy - what the hell are you banging on about and how is it related to whatever I said to someone else?
20:36 April 30, 2010 by Sam Le Bon
@Uncle: No Sir! your mossad friends collected the wrong intelligence about me.. I am not from Western Africa and have got nothing to do with that lovely continent.. and my nick is both a French and English family name! but then again a shallow person like you who just enjoys labeling people won't get it!! and No! again! i am damn familiar with all your names! read on to find out how..!! But first off let me tell that I am not here to defend muslim women but from your way of talking I bet you have never wandered any farther than the Kebab shop around the corner in your neighborhood so whatever im gonna be telling you will only insult your already-down-heels intelligence..!! Some of these muslim womens you are trying to bring down are marvelously contributing to many European societies..! Dont google it but go check it out in countries like Belgium, Netherlands and France to name a few..and their status in those gulf countries is not dragging down their respective country's high standard of living! They are living larger than life..! and beofre you start humming around the Logic, I was only refering to gulf countries that you love to hate..and dont put words in my mouth: "evil Sweden with it's low standard of living" are your words not mine..! thats your trolling signature you and a bunch of zionist trolls like you who keep using multiple names here and on other forums just to keep threadjacking every topic that involves, Immigration, Muslims..
23:48 April 30, 2010 by mjennin2
Why do we fight so much? Listen to yourselves! And you wonder why the youths are rioting?? Because the only way they have found they can be heard, is to resort to violence, anger and rage. Similar to how it seems we on TL feel we can only be heard is by lacing our comments and thoughts with serrated razor blades!

Can we please look at this from the "big picture" standpoint? It's not just immigrants, and its not just locals. It's all of them, all of them in the situation they are in. I don't know what situation that is, but they clearly are at war with something. What is it? What are they at war with?

Human psychology isn't that difficult to figure out if you can peel the layers of the onion back and get to the core problem. The whole world is in global unrest. We are at war with each other and open borders and globalization has made it difficult to distinguish who is causing what and how to address it. The whole world is angry -- these kids are just finding this as the only means of taking matters into their own hands and effecting change they view as important and critical. But clearly it is the government's job to do that, not kids - or the people, in general. So what matter are they warring against, and what is the government failing to do about it to maintain peace? Nations are just like companies; government is just like the hierarchy of bosses and supervisors. And we peons are just the workerbees of society. When employees strike, it's the same as when "we the people" riot. Simple as that. And the only way to address these issues is via compromise. But what are the issues at hand???

It's like a dog chasing it's tail here, why are we always brought back to arguing about religion and race? WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS and we all have uniform needs, more or less. But our own ideals always get in the way. Always. Look at the big picture. What is the root of this problem? Time to treat the cause, and not just the symptoms.
01:15 May 1, 2010 by Uncle
I love the hysterical outbursts of muslims here. It is always fun.

The fact that so many agree about what islam brought to Europe, does not mean that it is one person who has nothing to do, but argue on forums with the entire world which apparently LOVES when muslims come with their wonderful way of living. Elections will show.

What women are you talking about, may I ask? What women from Emirates are enlightening the dark life of the French?

Also your quote "I am not here to defend muslim women" clearly shows your inability to understand the obvious - this is ME who is defending the muslim women in this argument. From muslm males like you.

And by the way - the borders of Sweden are not marked by kebab shops. Just for your info. Will save you to take a passport on your way to the competitive kebab shop.

Also, I hope that the computer that you are writing your pearls on has no marking "Intel inside" since it is a production and invention of the awful zionists... Remind me what did muslims invent lately? Even the suicide belt is an invention of Tamils. Good luck with that successful integration of yours.

mjennin2 - the root cause is the incompatibility of mentalities. Period.
01:25 May 1, 2010 by wolfbay
Kronaboy- The major muslim organization in Sweden told the gov. they want Sharia law and as a sign of respect more tax money for mosques. In a democracy when a group is a solid voting block and has a very rapidly growing population their political power rapidly increases. Demographics being what they are in Sweden it's just a matter of time.They say in a democracy people get what they deserve and this will be true of Sweden.
13:26 May 1, 2010 by Abbot
@wolfbay. I don't think it will get that bad. I have heard Muslims living in Europe being referred to as the 'New Jews of Europe' by people of quite a few nationalities over the past few years. If things get too bad, I am sure there will be a reaction akin to what happened in 1933-45.
18:59 May 1, 2010 by jobo
Ok I've never posted here before but this is all so ignorant. Someone posted up above if you are unhappy with Sweden then why not leave? What, leave his own country because the migrants are trying to force his country into another lifestyle? Now how stupid is that comment, would you agree to be forced out of your own house because someone was trying to force you to paint it blue? A better comment would have been when someone migrates to another country it should mean they like that lifestyle and should adapt to it huh? I mean what right would you have to move to Iran and try and force them to convert to the catholic religion? I think you all know the answer to that question, you would beheaded.
00:13 May 2, 2010 by spongepaddy

You say: "Just because a man works in a bank wears a suit and has excellent manners doesn't make him any less of a thief, just because his criminality can be justified in a court of law."

Um... if you can justify something in a court of law, isn't it by definition NOT illegal? Or what part of your usually sharp reasoning have I missed here? And don't go off on a spiral, just answer my question, thanks.
01:36 May 2, 2010 by Uncle
@Abbot: "I have heard Muslims living in Europe being referred to as the 'New Jews of Europe' "

To name a difference - Jews were hated because they were smarter and richer than the general society, while the mislims are poorer, less educated and more violent than the general society.

In addition, Jews were forced by Romans to Europe and their own land rased and given to others (like the slaves in US), while the mislims are coming to Europe in millions because of their own failing governments. Funny enough, since they do not know anything else, but their own failing governments, they would like to implement the style in Europe as well.

To name other differences, Jews were not allowed to own land, while muslims have all the rights of the europeans. Also the antisemitism was government level policy in many countries, while anti-islamism is a feeling of people on personal level.

Europe replaced a nation with the most Nobel Prizes per capita for nations with the mentality of 1000 A.D. Jews had 10 times more graduates Ivy league than any other nation per capita. 5 times more Pulitzer awards. 4 times Fortune CEO and more start-ups than any other nation in the world.

The only "per capita" stats that I found on the net about muslims - was the highest rape percentage. True - google it!

Freaking great trade.
11:53 May 3, 2010 by Kronaboy
ohh yes now I remember your the 15 year old who thinks he's won a stuffed toy to play with.
11:57 May 3, 2010 by Kronaboy
and if I wish to live my life according Sharia values what dose it have to do with you, I don't see anyone complaining about Jews shutting up shops on a Friday afternoon?
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