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'I love you, Victoria'

'I love you, Victoria'

Published: 20 Jun 2010 10:45 GMT+02:00
Updated: 20 Jun 2010 10:45 GMT+02:00

The bride’s proud parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia stayed on until long after sunrise, eventually leaving the palace at 5am.

The Crown Princess was not alone in shedding tears of joy when Prince Daniel stood up to give a speech.

“I love you, Victoria, and I am proud that we are here together, and I am so happy to be your husband.”

Switching fluently between Swedish and English, he spoke of how, before Victoria went on an official trip to China, she spent the whole night writing:

"When I got up, I found 30 beautiful letters, addressed to me, one for each day she would be away."

In a light touch, he alluded to the huge change in his status:

"Once upon a time, there was a young man, who while perhaps not a frog, was certainly not a prince," he said.

The couple danced a beautiful waltz in the palace ballroom and were soon joined on the floor by both sets of parents.

Outside in the mild June night, people waited in the hope of catching a glimpse of the newlyweds and their distinguished guests.

“This is the kind of thing you tell your grandchildren about. It was absolutely wonderful,” said Bernt Magnusson, one of Prince Daniel’s two main advisors, as he left the party.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the place when Daniel gave his speech.”

HG Wessberg, secretary of state to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, was equally impressed by the festivities.

“It was wonderful, absolutely outstanding, particularly as it was such a private moment for two people in the midst of a ceremonial state occasion

“Daniel’s speech would be hard to beat. It was so human, so intimate, and had so much warmth,” he said.

King Carl XVI Gustaf also spoke at the wedding banquet, welcoming Prince Daniel to the family and going out of his way to dispel rumours that he disapproved of the match between the two - Swedish media long claimed that he wanted her to marry someone of higher rank:

"I am your father; you are my beloved daughter. Nobody should believe anything other than that my greatest wish is to see you happy."

He underlined that his decision to lead Victoria to the altar was to "confirm the decision to approve the marriage."

Prince Daniel's father, Olle Westling, also gave a moving speech. Father and son have a particularly special relationship - Mr. Westling donated one of his kidneys to his son last year.

"You've had to learn the hard way that life isn't a bed of roses," he said, in a lilting northern Swedish accent.

"As a sixteen-year-old, you discovered just how important health is. You learned that you would need a kidney transplant — and yet you still kept your positive outlook on life and your belief in the future."

He spoke of the fact that the wedding was "a matter for the whole of the Swedish people."

The very modern nature of their royal romance was referred to in the speech:

"Many people see the fact that you met and fell in love as something of a fairytale. The man of the people who won the Crown Princess. Yes, it is indeed a fairytale, but I do not think it is a coincidence that this has happened here in Sweden, where The King´s motto is “For Sweden — With the Times"

There were some lighter parts in the speech:

"We were very happy when Daniel met a girl and wanted to bring her home to meet the family. We hadn't banked on it being this particular girl," he said.

The royal guests from Norway remained at the party until 3.30am, when Crown Prince Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon emerged from the palace in the company of Princess Märtha Louise and her husband Ari Behn.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt took their leave at around the same time, joined by their politician wives Filippa Reinfeldt and Anna-Maria Corazza Bildt.

At 4am, the chairman of the boards of SEB bank and Saab, Marcus Wallenberg, headed for home, as did Crown Princess Victoria’s friend Leonie Gillberg and husband Karl Johan Persson, managing director of H&M.

The King, Queen and Princess Madeleine kept the bride’s family flag flying until 5am. An hour later, guests continued to wander out of the palace, among them Roxette star Per Gessle.

It is not yet known how or when the Crown Princess and her husband slipped away from the party.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:08 June 20, 2010 by Gordon Kerr
What a load of bloody rubbish and cut backs everywhere and the place full of asylum seekers
11:44 June 20, 2010 by Uggla
I totally agree Gordon!

We do not even have a maternity ward or childrens ward in our community's hospital because of "cut backs" so people who come accross emergicies with their children have to travel one full hour to get their children the help they need and by that time its too late, for example a child in our area had menigitis and was misdiagnosed by a doctor who was not qualified to treat children and that child did not have enough time to travel to the next hospital who have a child's ward, and that two year old child died because of it. That's just a tiny example of the large number of "money saving" cut backs.

But Sweden can afford a GRAND wedding for the princess.

It's great to know Sweden has their priorities straight.

What a crock of #"/&!
12:30 June 20, 2010 by danoz
You whingers would still find something to go on about in a republic. Have you not heard? Utopia doesn't exist.
12:40 June 20, 2010 by Earandur Lissesul
What a bunch of miserable people you are excluding danoz. I watched the wedding on my computer here in the UK, the SVT coverage was excellent. The Wedding showed Sweden in a great light, it certainly doesn't hurt your tourist industry and I am looking forward to my seveth trip to Stockholm (Sweden) on Thursday for the Mid-Summer festivities.
13:47 June 20, 2010 by soultraveler3
I'm glad that the wedding was wonderful and that they seem to really love each other, so on that note I wish them all the best.

However, I 100% agree with the first two comments. The royal family already gets a huge paycheck from the swedish people every year. The fact that they spent millions of kronors extra from the taxpayers on some lavish wedding is not okay with Sweden being in the state that it is atm. They should've just used their personal family money and I believe that if they had they would have alot more support now.

In many areas of Sweden it's very hard to find a full-time job. The hospitals in most of Sweden are very underfunded and understaffed, are lacking up to date technology. We're in the same situation here as uggla above is with having to drive almost an hour to another hospital if you have anything more than a cough or minor cut. There's no excuse for that. Most cities don't have enough money to take away all the snow in winter, clean up the trash and graffitti etc.

It would be different if Sweden was up to par in all those areas but it's not. Those millions of kronors could've done so much good for so many people but it went to a fancy party for already rich people. :/
13:53 June 20, 2010 by Mib
To the moaners, let's ban any form of enjoyment that is funded by the state. Increase taxes dramatically and guess what babies will die due to incompetence, Doctors will make bad mistakes, people will still die on the roads etc etc. But, due to the depressive nature of people as taxes are too high and nothing to look forward too....the increased drugs, suicides etc will probably balance all out...including more unemployment. Depending on which paper you read, it cost up to £1.7 million, which for this type of occasion is peanuts and you could argue that the limited publicity thanks not to SVT etc will advetise Sweden worldwide and easily bring in more income that what was spent. Think about it, the people who were paid to this will spend the extra money they have into the system, which will be taxed...so every 1 kronor spent, i would estimate 80%+ is taken via tax after going through the various systems of VAT, income tax, etc etc.

If you want to complain about waste, do your reasearch and protest against the Government depts that throw money away on bad projects, recieve bonuses for just doing their job, the lefty politicians who bleat on about poverty and taxes, yet avoid paying TV licence, declarng their full tax liabilities and jet off on obscure trips at taxpayers money. Add all of that up and more and you will see that the Swedish wedding was a tiny drop in the ocean. But what will you do...NOTHING...cause your bleat on about life, while sitting on your ars# looking to make easy targts when the real problem is much bigger.
14:52 June 20, 2010 by Ladybadone
Pfft bunch of sad sacks, always got to moan about something. Are you swedish? If not get the hell out of here if you dont like it. If so live with it.
15:07 June 20, 2010 by Attestupa
So Prince William was at the World Cup and Queen Elizabeth was at the races. And Prince Charles...??? Poor show UK. You need your friends.
15:22 June 20, 2010 by vladd777
Hello Folks,

Must say today is rather flat after yesterday's fairytale wedding so decided to check out remarks made by 'The Local' readers.

In reply to the negativities I must say the wedding was perfect! I do not grudge one krona of whatever it may have cost me in tax because the bottom line of it all is that there is still true love in a very miserable , self-centred world and that is a message of hope!

Long live 'pomp and ceremony' and long live Crown Princess Victoria and her 'frog turned prince' Prince Daniel.

Thank you SVT for a great broadcast!

U did indeed take us into the heart of things!

As a proud 'plastic' Swede with English roots I think Stockholm is a breathtaking city!
15:46 June 20, 2010 by Miss May
Big hello from Lake Tahoe, California!

I for one am so glad to read happy news in this day and time. I send cheers and congratulations to the newyweds! What a lovely day it must have been. Thank you to this site for all the coverage of the wedding.Lovely from beginning to end!

Kindest regards, Miss May
17:11 June 20, 2010 by Michael84
@Gordon Kerr och Uggla:

Go get a life
17:18 June 20, 2010 by GoldenDreams
The wedding was beautiful and touched so many hearts around the world. The couple looks so happy, and that's the way it should be. My only concern is when I read on the boards things like Sweden can't afford to treat children in hospitals when it comes to major cases due to a lack of money. How widespread is this? Is there a growing number of Swedes who want to abolish the Monarchy?
18:18 June 20, 2010 by JoeSwede
Congratulations to the royal couple!!!! May they have many happy years together.
20:49 June 20, 2010 by slapbangwallah
Over here in the United States, our propaganda machine bombard us with constant negativity: the Gulf oil spill, Israeli terrorism, piracy and assassination of American citizens, the continuing Palestinian holocaust, violent occupation wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, Wall Street's greed-based destruction of the economy, missing children, stupid antics of clueless celebrities, health warnings on non-existent diseases, bullying threats against Iran...the list goes on and on. Well, there was a very bright spot in the world today...the wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden. An event of elegance, of grace, of love. Was it any surprise that it was not covered on American television? Not on your life. Whether a royal watcher or not, it was just something...uplifting! No wonder it was the number one article on America's CNN. Our mainstream media over here missed the boat. So, I watched it on SVT, who did a great job. Of course, it would have been better with an English commentator but the heartfelt emotion, the lump in the throat moments, and the beauty of Stockholm shone through. A little over a couple million? Is that what BP makes in a few minutes? Well worth it. That carriage ride through the city and the barge trip between the islands convinced me to make my next vacation in Stockhom. As for the societal complaints in Sweden, don't get me started about the people living in tent cities over here. But, Sweden gave the world a needed boost in such dark times. So, congratulations to Princess Victoria and Daniel! May you have many wonderful years together! And to the American MSM, thanks for nothing.
01:02 June 21, 2010 by Sherian Elizabeth



The 3 of you are so right on. The people here with the negative attititude should come to the USA and live in tent city (just like Dafar in Africa) and then they would shut-up about paying taxes for the wedding. Those taxes are a hell of lot less then what we pay for congress to ride in their limos, first class seats on any airline they chose, meals in fancy resturants, mistresses, taking their wives and girlfriends on taxpayer dollars on expensive vacations, and as one of you said the list could go on and on and on and on. Your king and the wedding is CHEAP compared to living with the taxes the poor and middle class pay here. As Warren Buffet (sp?) one of the richest men in the world said, " My secretary pays more in taxes then I do because I don't pay taxes". Now how is that one for you Swedes that complain about paying for half of the wedding. You want to get rid of the King and think all your problems are going to go down the drain. Just take at good look at a president and congress and all the lobbists who steal from this country on a daily basis and one little vote doesn't do a damn thing.
04:33 June 21, 2010 by meatpie
It's been two days since the wedding and I'm still weeping with joy. What a beautiful, warm, loving ceremony. And such generosity in letting the Sweden share in the festivities, quite unlike the British Royal family.

Sure, "republicans" will gripe about what it costs, but they are barely people, who don't have hearts. To them life is all politics and guilt. The Royal Wedding was worth multiples of every kronor spent on it, for it gave the world a glimpse of love and and warmth.

Many don't know what that is, and that it is worth something.
06:40 June 21, 2010 by Da Goat
I guess if his borrowed kidney packs it in and he croaks we will know for sure if he was a frog.

or maybe if he was French we could say he was a frog (Aussie humour)

I just hope the fairy god mother does not turn him back again ! (Quite common these days)
08:17 June 21, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Nice wedding, a fantastic international advertisement for Sweden. Good job Stockholm for organising it so well. Good job Sweden for choosing a constitutional monarchy and offering it so much support on Saturday. Gordon Kerr and Uggla and other Swedish monarchy knockers, your minority view has been noted. Now show some respect for the will of the Swedish people please.
09:01 June 21, 2010 by MTTRN
Oh my god! It`s true,humanity is getting progressively stupid.The royal wedding a message of hope are you kidding me? Are you #@!# kidding me,where is the hope in that.What exactly are you hoping for, more bread and circuses? People are "weeping with joy", you know I have no words. Are you guys totally braindead or you just have no real purpose in life and the royal wedding gives you a sense of fulfilment because you think you are a part of it??

The congress, the government the Swedish wedding being a drop in the ocean etc are you kidding me, are you #@!# kidding me? So the Swedish wedding adds insult to injury but hey thats fine,we can live with that, the economy is in tatters anyway so who cares about a few more million.Unbelievable.
09:18 June 21, 2010 by sweco1
Yes he is full bull.

I wish Victoria the best of luck.
13:46 June 21, 2010 by Audrian
Cost-benefit analysis is useful for guiding any expenditure plan or preventing wastefulness. But this is not how humans (and their governments) behave for part of the time. Humans do irrational things more often than one expects, e.g., building over sized churches; building any church at all while they can pray at he comfort of their home or why pray in the first place; building statutes; keep polluting the environs by excesses and greed; over eating; cigarette smoking; watching football games or any sports for that matter; dancing; military spending; drinking; mountain climbing; and spending money on weddings or art. People do them because they have satisfaction from doing them. What remains if one has power to get rid of all of these things, should be left to ones imagination.

Regarding this wedding, the way I see, people walked all the way to see the royal wedding while others have watched it from the TV. This is an indication of their satisfaction or seal approval to their government's action to finance a lavish royal wedding. Whether Sweden will benefit economically from this lavish expenditure is beside the point.
17:03 June 21, 2010 by glamelixir
Ohhhhhh, pleeeeeeeeeease. This is not about negativity, positivity haha.

How primitive are those comments?

This is about practical, economical and MODERNITY issues. Nobody is "NEGATIVE" about anything.

I don't even know these people, I wish them luck in their wedding just like I would do to anybody else but WHAT I DISLIKE is that they are doing this with my money and against my will!!!!

How retarded can some people be?

There is more to life than Disneyworld.
01:21 June 22, 2010 by Authentica
I would prefer that my tax money supports the Royal family instead of feeding a war machine.
12:12 June 22, 2010 by Kooritze
@ Authentica

I could not agree with you more!!!! My country (UK) spends about £50billion per annum on military and I for one I was not about to give 1 penny in my tax money to invade and occupy foreign lands on resource grabbing policies and lies. This at the same time many people are living in poverty in the UK.

The USA situation is much worse.....military spending being around $700billion per annum.........and we all know about the poverty side there.

Bravo Sweden, for a great celebration of your Royals and some uplifting news.
12:21 June 22, 2010 by Cage
History has shown time and time again that the only thing that can possibly distrupt a Royal Marriage is this...

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