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Hacker attack wreaks havoc on Sweden Democrat website

AFP/The Local · 18 Sep 2010, 14:10

Published: 18 Sep 2010 14:10 GMT+02:00

"We have had hacker attacks over the past 24 hours. We have no idea where it is coming from," Sweden Democrats spokesman Erik Almqvist told AFP, adding that the party expected to get its website running again soon.

When AFP viewed the site early Saturday afternoon, only a digitalised picture made up of numerals to look like a piece of birthday cake with a lit candle was visible.

Below the picture, a short text read: "Anyway, this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist. Look at me still talking when there's Science to do," as Ellen McLain's "Still Alive" played in the background.

"I think it is a shame. Our political opponents should take the debate with us if they disagree with us," Almqvist said, insisting the attack "doesn't do any good for democracy."

The hacker attack came on the eve of general elections, with polls hinting the Sweden Democrats for the first time will win more than the four percent needed to enter parliament.

The far-right party, which won just 2.9 percent of the vote in the 2006 elections, has been seen winning as much as 7.5 percent on Sunday, although three polls published Saturday handed it between 3.8 and 5.9 percent of voter intentions.

The surveys meanwhile showed the centre-right government's lead over the left-wing opposition shrinking slightly but still winning a narrow majority in parliament.

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If neither side wins a clear majority, however, the Sweden Democrats could, even with just a handful of seats, play kingmaker and could even make it so difficult to govern that new elections would need to be called, observers say.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

15:15 September 18, 2010 by Dr Love
The real hackers would publish a message on the website to send their message.

The SD playing games to show themselves as innocents by playing dirty games in the last parts so they can get some votes and spread the hate among the peaceful Swedes.

The SD will turn the Sweden into hate heaven. inside jobs are a new trick to blame others.
15:47 September 18, 2010 by Iraniboy
They have no idea?!!

This is the circle. Spreading hatred, receiving it, spreading receiving!! That's fact for all those who find their ways in scaremongering!
18:21 September 18, 2010 by cowboykodp
@Dr. love

I think you are giving too much credit to these idiots from SD. They are not smart enough.

I say the best thing that could happen to SD on Monday is that they don't make it into the government. Because if they do LIFE is probably going to be PRETTY tough for them and their supporters.

Hate breads hate.
19:19 September 18, 2010 by Tamales
The state of democracy in Sweden is a shambles. Members of a political party attacked physically and via the internet. I can understand why our Middle Eastern friends above have no problem with it since that is the environment and mentality that they come from. However, for a modernized, Western country to have this going on is truly, truly sad whether you agree with SD's politics or not.
20:32 September 18, 2010 by cowboykodp

Yes I am a middle eastern, yes I am black African, yes I am a Muslim, yes I am a Jew, yes I am a Catholic, yes I am a pole, yes I am even a Mexican/latin American like you.

It is obvious you support SD so. Go and have another Tamale with Churros and a little frijoles , while I fight the fight for you.

Have some cojones and stop sitting on the fence. Make a stand or shut your trap.

Callate cabron.
20:35 September 18, 2010 by The Rabbi
Its our people in Israel Shin Bet

קהילת המודיעין הישראלית
21:00 September 18, 2010 by Iraniboy

Yes I come from Mideast. We attack tiger and eat them raw. But those who you are supporting are very peaceful they just want to reprogramme the genes of Africans because they are programmed to rape. They also want to ban all Muslims!!!

And yes state of democracy in Sweden is shambles. Their websites are attacked some thing that has never happened in any other country!!! Please leave this undemocratic country!!
21:36 September 18, 2010 by cowboykodp
@Dr. Love

I just read a very reputable doctor in Sweden now says that the attack on the SD in Malmö was probably made up. He thinks there was no attack and the guy carved the Swastika on his own forehead.

Wow, maybe you are right????

These guys are a joke.
22:52 September 18, 2010 by Tamales
>>>It is obvious you support SD so. Go and have another Tamale with Churros and a little frijoles , while I fight the fight for you.

Have some cojones and stop sitting on the fence. Make a stand or shut your trap.>>>

I think my stance is obvious so what the f are you talking about? Try countering my argument with something factual and I'll listen.
22:56 September 18, 2010 by alecLoTh
ANY publicity is all they are hoping for - it's called mind-share.
00:56 September 19, 2010 by Syftfel
Hey iraniboy, this is your favorite Dhimmis. Why is it that you people on the, religious left only know how to argue by comitting criminal acts? You seem to have a problem with the definition of democracy. Throw bottles. Paint graffiti. Break windows. Attack people who don't agree with you. Hack others' websites. Anyway, in about 24 hours Sweden will have turned a page, turned its back on liberal socialism, and bilge like you will have to make alternative arrangements. I'm voting in about 9 hours and I sure hope Mona is not waiting for my vote. On second thought, let her wait. Thank you Tamales, you make good sense.
02:37 September 19, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Who is behind this, a villain or a saint? (Some believe that “All’s fair in love and war!”

The sabotage is probably disrupting an otherwise effective campaign to those already converted to their cause, but otherwise making a big martyr out of the SD.

Although it’s not until tomorrow that we will know how really big or little they are, perhaps out of all proportion to their numbers or their importance the SD has been very visible in representing Sweden in the Islamophobic media.

Looka here:


and here:


Leaves you wondering, who are the Muslim and “invandra” candidates of the other political parties and why we are not hearing so much about them or from them….

Anyway, at long last tomorrow (the day of judgement) is already here!
07:27 September 19, 2010 by charl
Using GlaDOS to combat xenophobia is a stroke of genius. I wonder if this means SD will have to pay royalties to Valve.
09:40 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy
SVT reported that the attack on SD in Malmö was a self attack!! What a shame

Now not only they are racist, the corrupt too! Maybe this hacking is also a show!!



If your standards are limited to vote for those who think Africans are genetically programmed to rape, or believe Muslims should be banned and attack themselves to draw attention then it's hard to talk about Dhimmi!!! So keep to your values and you'll see how the majority of Sweden think on Monday!! ;)
11:45 September 19, 2010 by Dave N
Exactly the same thing is now happening in the Swedish elections as happens regularly to the BNP in the UK - computer hacking and physical attacks on its members. If the same amount of postal vote fraud and other fraudulent tactics that were used against the BNP in May this year by Muslims and their supporteres are repeated in Sweden, then the Sweden Democrats definitely will not make it into parliament. And democracy will be as dead in Sweden as it is in the UK.
12:54 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy
Dave N

You mean in the UK, the racist parties also attacked themselves and hacked their own websites? Inteeresting!
13:04 September 19, 2010 by cowboykodp
@Dave N.

The BNP? Are you serious. You mean the old members of EDL dont ya?

The neo-nazi, hatefilled, white trash? A little like the neo-nazi who call themselves SD now.

No, we dont want that in Sweden, but you are welcome to visit us occasionally.
15:10 September 19, 2010 by PorkForEveryone
Muslims come from a violent religion and by their unholy book are supposed to kill all who dont think like them or follow their stone-age beliefs.

Yes, my muslim "pals", feel the fear creeping in and know that you have nobody to blame but yourself.

You have pushed your beliefs and agenda... and pushed and pushed and pushed till we are just tooo dammn sick of it - why do you think SD has such a strong following? Our "regular" politicians are cowards and weak but someone decided to stand up and the people are speaking.
16:49 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy

I just wonder if we can find a text from Hitler's speeches and then if we can replace Jews and Judaism with Muslims and Islam. Then we have PorkForEveryone!

The support for SD is not high. It is just among low educated young boys who haven't really realized the danger of Nazism in their life. SD works based populism and scaremongering.
17:14 September 19, 2010 by cowboykodp

Low educated young boys? Hmm Sounds to me a lot like @Porkforeveryone.

We are having a pork roast in a few hours.

He is so sexy when hes mad.....
17:58 September 19, 2010 by PorkForEveryone

"scare mongering" you say? lets see (as I copy from my other post) :

Islam preached by a pedophile: check.

Behead all those who dont think like you: check.

Ok to rape and kill all those of a different religion: check

Make people antisocial by dressing your wives(!) in a black tent : check

Go to other countries and try to bend them to adjust to you instead of you adjusting to them: check

Take total advantage of the welfare system: check

Breed like... well, you know... :check

Behead people on film:check

Suicide bombers: check

Mass killings and genocide around the world:check

international terrorist acts (not just 9/11) :check

Call for the "wiping out" of a country: check

Religion founded on violence: check

While the Nazis spread lies about the Jews, please tell me which of the above are lies. To be honest, not just me but a LOT of us would like to know.

Be a good Muslim, educate us... you are allowed to ask your pedo prophet for help and then reply, we'll wait.
18:16 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy

Yeah. But as I expected he is not even a Swede. He is just an immigrant who loves blondes and is afraid that some degree of darkness is mixed with the blondes of Sweden !!

Bon Appetit :)
18:55 September 19, 2010 by PorkForEveryone
I do love the blonde women of Sweden... but you still have not answered my questions or points.

Tsk tsk, no answers exist? Cant take up for the pedophile?

Then kindly dont comment if you are just going to skirt the issue.
19:11 September 19, 2010 by cowboykodp

Budt Ima shur dey dunt rike uee. (the blond Swedes I mean)

That's the problem isn't it. Bunch of spineless, ugly immigrants who can't get laid and blame others.

I knew there was a reason/ motive behind your hate.
19:12 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy
If I ask you that in the city you were born it was common that prostitutes were giving birth to random guys and most guys were paedophiles, have you noticed during your childhood? You won't try to give me the evidence that it wasn't so, do you?
19:35 September 19, 2010 by cowboykodp

Bravo, Its called "Proving a Negative".

Probably above his head.

They are bringing their baggage to this country. I'm done with these jerk offs.

19:39 September 19, 2010 by PorkForEveryone
Blah blah blah blah blah.

Both of you sure are good Muslims, since you cant answer direct questions you skirt the questions completely and bring up strawmen or totally unrelated garbage.

Unfortunately I am not as forgiving as the Swedes in who's land I consider myself a guest (even though I have my citizenship here) so... here are the statements again, wheres the fud?

Islam preached by a pedophile: check.

Behead all those who dont think like you: check.

Ok to rape and kill all those of a different religion: check

Make people antisocial by dressing your wives(!) in a black tent : check

Go to other countries and try to bend them to adjust to you instead of you adjusting to them: check

Take total advantage of the welfare system: check

Breed like... well, you know... :check

Behead people on film:check

Suicide bombers: check

Mass killings and genocide around the world:check

international terrorist acts (not just 9/11) :check

Call for the "wiping out" of a country: check

Religion founded on violence: check
19:51 September 19, 2010 by cowboykodp

One more thing.

PORKY is more screwed up than I thought.

Maybe the psychology thing you suggested is a good idea.

Or he can go stand on the rail road tracks, and do everyone and himself a favor.
19:52 September 19, 2010 by Iraniboy
Visit Vårdcentral. They can heal your obsession and hatred regardless of the fact that you're also immigrant. Thanks to the fact that SD is not governing the Sweden you had a chance to stay here. You probably have used many Swedish things but you have never learnt from their liberal values which of course comes back to your non-cured obsession and hatred
23:34 September 19, 2010 by Uncle

Look CAREFULLY at the results. Look.

In spite of the fact that SD did not get any TV time... In spite of the attacks of your brothers (as they are expected to) on any SD supporter. Take a good look at the results.

Now, of course the nazis are guilty here. Of course evil zionists sponsored each and every voter. Of course it is everyones', except muslim fault.

But in my opinion, here is the result of the violence. Here is the result of riots. Of car burning and firefighters stoning. Of group attacks on swedes and of "compis, kom igen" on Blocket.

It is currently only 20 mandates. But 20 mandates that will be HEARD in parliament. 20 mandates that will decide whether the government is in majority. 20 mandates that are going to OFFICIALLY talk about muslim immigration in Sweden and it's behavior.

I did not vote for them, but I am glad that part of these usually extremely tolerant people spoke their mind. Here is what you have done. Now deal with it.
13:22 September 20, 2010 by Icarusty
OMG, birthday cake? Song called "Still Alive"? No doubt none of you have played a game called Portal.

@Dave N

You're not paying enough attention to your own country. The "hacker" who revealed all the confidential info and members details was ONE OF THEIR OWN - he was disgruntled about how the party was working, that Nick Griffin was just a puppet... so he, quite logically, released details of all their members. Hmmm.
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