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Assange lawyer under investigation in Sweden

Assange lawyer under investigation in Sweden

Published: 02 Mar 2011 11:52 GMT+01:00
Updated: 02 Mar 2011 11:52 GMT+01:00

In releasing his ruling last week that Assange should be extradited to Sweden, District Judge Howard Riddle, accused Hurtig of deliberately misleading the court, calling him "unreliable".

Riddle also claimed that Hurtig, who was called to testify at the trial by his client's British legal team, had purposefully given faulty information about how many times Swedish prosecutors tried to contact him.

Speaking with The Local following the announcement of the verdict, Hurtig rejected the British judge's criticism.

"I'm a reliable person; I'm a reliable witness," he said.

Following the criticism, the Swedish Bar Association has decided to demand Hurtig provide an explanation of his actions.

"We sent Hurtig a letter last week and asked him to explain himself," Bar Association secretary general Anne Ramberg told the TT news agency.

She described Judge Riddle's statements as a "extremely serious critique" of the Swedish lawyer.

"If I'm not satisfied with Hurtig's explanation, I may go to the bar association's governing board, and after that the disciplinary committee, which has the final say on any possible consequences," she said.

The most common complaints about Swedish attorneys come from outside the legal system, usually clients. But sometimes Ramberg takes the initiative herself to take up a suspected case of professional misconduct mentioned by a court, prosecutors, or by the media.

Hurtig has until March 14th to provide answers to the Bar Association's inquiry.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

Your comments about this article

12:23 March 2, 2011 by Nemesis
Ah, more entertainment.

I assume this entire story is going to be turned into a television series and shown over and over again on TV to annoy us for eternity.

Seriously Swedes.

If you are going to send him to the US to be executed, do it and get it over with, otherwise just ignore his pathetic existance.
13:27 March 2, 2011 by ThisIsGettingRidiculous
I'm not having a rant at Ny - I'm sure she does her job in the way she sees best - but I think Justice Riddle may have been a bit unfair on Hurtig. Have you read any of the tweeted transcripts from the courtroom? Not Esther Haddley, hers were very piecemeal (and a bit biased - she's a Guardian reporter, remember). Frederico Cocco did the ones that were most nearly verbatim. You have to remember Hurtig was giving testimony in Swedish, being cross-examined in English by Clare Montgomery. Secondly, the confusion concerned texts from Marianne Ny on the 21 and 22 September only, when she requested a meeting on 28 Sept. Hurtig also testified about phone calls with Ny's deputy on 15 Sept confirming Assange could leave Sweden. Assange is notoriously difficult to get hold of - everyone, even the Guardian, says so. Hurtig says he heard from Assange on the 30th - he had his bags stolen at a Germany airport. He'd left Sweden on the 27 Sept and said he'd be back in Sweden on 9 Oct, fix a meeting for then. Justice Riddle left all these details out in his judgment.
14:00 March 2, 2011 by apelsin000
Swedish guys, arise, arise! if they can do that to Assange, they could also do that to you, i am not talking about the Swedish gov. but the women :)
15:58 March 2, 2011 by Keith #5083

Please don't confuse this issue with actual facts as you have done :)

Such a trend might be contagious and prejudicial to a satisfactory legal conclusion.

16:00 March 2, 2011 by maxbrando
Assange is a lying scumbag, and everyone knows it. What can you expect from his so-called lawyer?
16:28 March 2, 2011 by bolababu

Unfortunately, there is no difference between the sexes in Sweden. The women are more of "guys".
17:11 March 2, 2011 by Liquidmonkey

why is he a "lying scumbag"?

and just when you think this wikileaks thing can't get any lower, now the bar association is going to 'investigate' a lawyer based on a misunderstanding or mistake or something so insignificant that it has zero bearing whatsoever.

talk about making a mountain our of a pebble of sand.
17:30 March 2, 2011 by locaxy
Well...after the character assassination, here comes the smearing of the entourage.

17:54 March 2, 2011 by apelsin000

You are right, to me, the one who is really raped in this case is more Assange rather than the ladies, you know what i mean. Just take him as male, forget the wikileak, the whole thing is horrible.
21:11 March 2, 2011 by Nomark

You don't feel that you're perhaps being led by sensationalist reporting and your own prejudices ?

The solicitor's evidence was described as being unreliable by a UK judge who interviewed him. Its perfectly reasonable that the Swedish authorities look into this. It would in fact be wrong if they didn't do this.


The solicitor says its all a misunderstanding. That may be so but in this type of situation don't you feel one should investigate ? Or is it the case that everything that JA and his associates do is always right and that any action against them is unjustified ?
22:37 March 2, 2011 by misscat
Women, take a stand...Please.
23:45 March 2, 2011 by Liquidmonkey

if anything should be investigated it is how a man that was not charged with anything had an arrest warrant on interpol.

but i'm sure you'll ignore that point.... again, as you have done in every other article where JA is discussed.

or how about they investigate the two woman, the police and how their statements have been handled thus far.

if you read that article i put up a few thelocals ago, it would scream 'abuse of the legal system' to even the biggest JA haters out there.

but i'm sure you will ignore that too ;)
00:56 March 3, 2011 by Nomark
I never ignored your point though I notice that you've ignored mine.

In fact I mentioned repeatedly that to understand the arrest of JA one needs to understand how the European Arrest Warrant system works. Since its inception it has been rather controversial in a number of cases; JA's case is merely one of them.

Its not my fault that you lack a basic overview of recent changes in extradition law within Europe and the manner in which it has been applied. I've been a little bemused that you keep banging on about him "not being charged" while undergoing extradition. If you knew anything about the EU arrest warrant you'd know that there have been many complaints about it being used inconsistently and arbitrarily. No big news there (except in the world of liquidmonkey perhaps). One doesn't need a conspiracy theory to explain the extradition attempt.

How about addressing the questions I raised.

"The solicitor says its all a misunderstanding. That may be so but in this type of situation don't you feel one should investigate ? Or is it the case that everything that JA and his associates do is always right and that any action against them is unjustified ? "
01:00 March 3, 2011 by JamesB707
I hope that the Swedish government investigate the allegations transparently and according to the law. What I don't hope for is that they bow to pressure from the US Government and hand him over to them. That will be the end of free speech and the rights of the people to know what their respective governments are up to.
01:14 March 3, 2011 by Da Goat
I have heard of lowering the bar before, something that has been consistent for this whole case, now they are even lowering the bar association as well!

lucky he is pretty low and slimey otherwise he would not be able to get under the rock bottom BAR!

we might as well as suggested just hand him over to be slaughtered forget the whole legal circus and be done with it!

must be Sweden still does not under stand the net !

shutting down TPB will not achieve a thing and taking out Assange will be like removing the nipples from a bull! shooting the messenger does nothing about the message especially if you don't know which messenger has what message
07:01 March 3, 2011 by LibertyRising
Speaking as an American, whose government Assange has exposed to the world for the criminals that they are, it's unfortunate that there aren't more Swedes who are willing to stand up to there corrupt government and demand that this sham be halted. At least Julian has a pair. Grow some, Swedes.
08:24 March 3, 2011 by wolverine2k
Great. Now should we have the lawyers of the terrorists dragged into some kind of investigation since they supported the terrorists and their activities? Also investigate on how much money was doled out and where did it come from...
12:16 March 3, 2011 by Nomark

For someone who (wrongly) accuses someone else of ignoring their points, its notable that you choose to ignore that person's critique of what passes for your deductive reasoning.
20:28 March 3, 2011 by prince T
swedish legal system was embarrased and dragged on the floor in england. if this guy has something to do with it, the full wrath of the law should be brought on him.
18:33 March 4, 2011 by Archie1954
Regardless of the actual facts involved, the whole trial by media has affected the judicial system in a negative way. The biggest mistake from a systematic point of view was the reconsideration of the original decision not to charge. By reopening that question the whole judicial establishment looks to be politicized. If there is one thing that is evident at least to me, it's that you cannot dispense justice if the politicians, not the lawyers and judges are running the system. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done. How can that occur now? From the moment the two women were persuaded by police officials that they had been raped, to the reopening of the case after the initial appraisal by a prosecutor that there was no evidence to support charges, to the spectacle in London, the whole thing smacks of political interference and obstruction of justice.
19:28 March 4, 2011 by munched
Atack the defenders of those that expose the US and it's #1 bitch, Sweden. Perfect! As a citizen in Sweden my views of the politicians and the legal system can be summed up with this old saying, "Never trust a dog to guard your food."
23:03 March 4, 2011 by sgt_doom
Why haven't they extradited CARL BILDT yet, either to The Hague or Africa for his involvement in the massacre of those Sudanese when he was a director at Lundin Petroleum???

Is there no justice in Sweden? (Evidently not!)
00:00 March 5, 2011 by SirAdam
Now their ambushing Asssanes defense team. How low can a large group of blackmailed professionals go to try to teach somebody a lesson. Unbelievable, totally corrupt and moronic. Stay out of Sweden everyone!
07:01 March 5, 2011 by prince T
i dont understand what sir adam is all about. It is sweden that wants assange to be extradicted to sweden. The shambolic legal system was exposed to the world by Assange. We will not be in this mess in the first place if we did not use our unstable judicial system to arrest assange.
12:27 March 5, 2011 by Nomark
@SirAdam + others (including liquidmonkey who seems to disappear when confronted with counter evidence),

Rather than following your prejudice can you explain why the Swedish judicial authorities *wouldn't* investigate a lawyer whose evidence had been found to be "unreliable" by a court in the UK ?

Before crying conspiracy one first needs to exclude conventional explanations. Ignoring them and writing polemic posts isn't quite the same thing.
20:06 March 9, 2011 by ndelaney47
Now if our United States government would be as tenacious about an investigation into the events of 9/11 wouldn't it's advocacy of democracy actually mean something?!
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