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Narcolepsy cases rising after swine flu vaccine

Narcolepsy cases rising after swine flu vaccine

Published: 28 May 2011 11:23 GMT+02:00
Updated: 28 May 2011 11:23 GMT+02:00

Ninety-three people in Sweden, most of them children, have been diagnosed with narcolepsy since taking the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix last winter, according to figures from the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket).

In 88 of the 93 cases, the agency has identified a direct correlation between the vaccine and the onset of narcolepsy, a sleep disorder causing extreme drowsiness and daytime sleep attacks.

According to the Swedish Association of Persons with Neurological Disabilities (Neurologiskt handikappades riksförbund - NHR), the agency is examining a further 135 cases involving children and will present its full findings later this summer.

NHR announced on Friday the launch of a 250,000 kronor ($40,000) research grant to facilitate studies of the relationship between Pandemrix, a drug manufactured by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, and narcolepsy.

“We are deeply concerned and have decided that things needs to happen, and quickly,” said NHR chair Kathleen Bengtsson-Hayward in a statement.

A study presented in March by the Medical Products Agency showed that children and adolescents under 20 vaccinated with Pandemrix could be up to four times as likely to develop narcolepsy as those not inoculated.

Since August 2010, at least 12 countries have reported cases of narcolepsy, particularly among children and adolescents, after receiving a swine flu, or H1N1, vaccine.

Figures from Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), show that 31 million people have been vaccinated with Pandemrix in Europe.

According to the WHO, the rates of narcolepsy reported in Sweden, Finland and Iceland were higher than those in other countries.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

23:25 May 28, 2011 by zooeden
so the immediate resign of the head chief of vaccene program in Sweden with charges of health management malfunction, a fine of a million bucks minimum, taking in considerance that this people although normal will not function to their 100% fisical and mental abilities ever thanx to no research and evaluation of the vaccine.

The name of the drug is just dreadful: Pandemrix!!! Who came up with it??? I say start collecting info and sue the trust who made this sinthetic, gather all the people and make a massive law suit, to my understanding it was just one company who has the drug monopoly!!!

People went into complete sheep madness when it came out, complete madness, I have mixed feelings but Im almost glad they got this secundary effects. Maybe people would think next time, If they sue maybe they´ll research, maybe we´ll have a better center of vaccines, just maybe...
07:50 May 29, 2011 by rise
Good thing I never took the vaccine! Almost no one among my closest did. I feel sorry for the children who couldn't choose on their own.
11:26 May 29, 2011 by bs3eggs
I didnt take it, however my girlfriend did due to her mother excessive trust in the swedish system, it was almost like taboo for her not too. Is this trust in the system an inherent part of swedish culture because in the uk we seem to have an inherent distrust in the system. It drives me crazy that do what they are told so much!
06:33 May 30, 2011 by Da Goat
The worst thing about flu shots is if they work you didn't need it !

so in reality they are worthless! (unless your big pharma)
07:20 May 30, 2011 by 2fingers
Actually the worst thing is that the government was so willing to accept without question the unexplained change in definition of a Pandemic by the WHO. Within a short matter of months we had a new flu in Mexico that was going to kill us all. Even though scientists specializing in the filed all said it was no more dangerous that the seasonal flu with actually a lower mortality rate, the media machine cranked into high gear and we had mass panic... Absent of a notably high morbidity rate, I, my family and all of my friends refused to take this hastily created, untested (compared to other medicines) and overly hyped vaccine.

You are right about the Swedish mentality and we were met with disdain by others who waited in line for their shots. Funny how now they say how it is a travesty.... how much money was wasted by the government etc etc
18:03 May 30, 2011 by ChomskyReader

Great response! I study politics and just after christmas, we were looking at the trust and faitn people have within their countries. One research groups noted that the better the welfare state, the more trust people within those countries with good welfare, trust in their government and the authorities.

The same research found that countries in southern Europe, like Spain, Italy, France, Greece and the UK, where the welfare states are poor in comparison to the the nordic countries, people are less trusting in the authorities, hence the low levels of people who took the vaccine,

I never took the vaccine, as so many others did, as it is my belief that we question what is given to us as well as the news we are recieve, it seems as though the Swedish people have totally given up thinking for themselves and totally trust in the state and the authorities, "if they say it is good then it must be".

This is what years of a great welfare system has done to its people, it makes them cold, shy and introverted without the ability to think for themselves. according to: Är svensken människa? by Lars Trägårdh, definitely worth a read if you are a Swede or non swede.
21:24 May 30, 2011 by joeldup
This study requires further scrutiny of course.

According to Finland's National Health Institute, 2.5 million Finns were vaccinated against swine flu. Some 750 showed side effects, namely fevers, headaches and coughing, and one case was linked to narcolepsy.

Among children born in 1990 or later who had the Pandemrix vaccine, 4.06 persons per 100,000 had the disease, according to the MPA study. The rate was 0.97 among unvaccinated children.

Context - As of 17 October 2009, worldwide there have been more than 414,000 laboratory confirmed cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 2009 and nearly 5000 deaths reported to WHO.

Very little testing was done on the vaccine.
22:49 May 30, 2011 by Essjay
As usual the Sweden bashers are out in force some from the UK who must be suffering from Alzheimers or completely forgetting the media hysteria about lack of vaccines available and kid,s dying etc , etc.

I just came back from the UK when watching a BBC news report saying how many had died and my parents moaning like crazy because most Brits believe in anything coming from a nice man wearing a nice suit and tie because of their subservient class system !

Daily Mail ,Express ,Sun and Mirror are the truth for the majority of Brits , common sense and individual intelligence is forgotten to these followers of the new Gods of TV and Media .

In 5 years time the Mail and other papers will be leading the campaign for compensation for the victims of vaccine after effects and hailing themselves as Champions and keep the perpetual moaning going on !

Probably E coli hysteria rampart in the UK and everyone demanding anti cucumber vaccines....more profit for the medical companies at any price !

Thalidomide....remember that and still to this day people are looking for justice !!!

UK ,World leaders in Media hysteria with a massive ,massive following !
01:41 May 31, 2011 by bira
@Essjay, I don't see any Sweden bashing above. What I do see is a discussion regarding why Swedes are so willing to trust their government and do what they're told. I personally think there is a lot to be said for this observation; growing up in Sweden I saw it happen to most of my friends and family and almost fell in to the same mentality myself. Today I see Sweden almost as an experiment right out of "1984" and get extremely frustrated by the follower mentality. I say challenge authority, think for yourself, and don't believe the lies you're fed by "the man" be it government or large corporations.
06:11 May 31, 2011 by calebian22
Whoa! Let's not be so quick to blame the vaccine. All that sleepiness could be boredom. Lagom is not exactly exciting. ;-p
18:17 June 1, 2011 by Mindano Iha
Pandemrix contains the most squalene of all vaccines which are on the market.

Virus antigen is expensive, so the cheaper squalene is added to boost the immune response. (Immune response is not the same as immunity).

Squalene is suspected by serious research workers who are not tied to the vaccine industry, of increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases, narcolepsy being one of them.

Increase in the risk of narcolepsy should have been expected when Pandemrix was chosen.
15:00 June 4, 2011 by Marc the Texan
You couldn't pay me to take these vaccines. They all alter your DNA. I'll take my chances with mother nature. Just buck up on vitamins and minerals, especially iodine, vitamin D and vitamin C. I have not suffered cold or flu in the past few years, which I believe is due to supplementation. I used to get ill several times a year. Not scientific I know, but no one is capable of being fully scientific with personal health.
23:05 June 11, 2011 by breda
from Ireland and dealing with a 13 year old son who has had narcolepsy confirmed after swine flu vaccine....symptoms started the night he recieved it.....real enough now !!!!!!
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