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Swedish fraudster jailed in Ethiopia

Swedish fraudster jailed in Ethiopia

Published: 10 Jun 2011 09:51 GMT+02:00
Updated: 10 Jun 2011 09:51 GMT+02:00

A Swedish woman who has been on the run since 2007 has received a 25-year prison sentence in Ethiopia on charges of fraud and human trafficking, Sweden's TV4 news reports.

Ingela Jansson, one of the Sweden's most notorious fraudsters, was arrested in Ethiopia in January 2010, having absconded from Sweden in 2007.

In mid-May, an Ethiopian court handed Jansson a 25-year prison sentence, convicting her of 20 counts of fraud and human trafficking.

A 35-year-old Swedish accomplice was also convicted and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

"Both have appealed some of the points on which they were convicted. The embassy is there following the case and visiting the Swedes in prison," foreign ministry spokesperson Karin Nylund told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The 30-year-old from western Sweden is well known in police circles in Sweden.

Her criminal activities first came to light in 2003 when she was charged with fraud after leasing cars in her boyfriend’s name, then selling them on the black market.

In a bid to receive a reduced sentence during her trial in Sweden, Jansson testified against the so-called Naser league, and was provided with police protection and a new identity.

However further criminal activities came to light in the ensuing years and she was eventually arrested once again in 2006. This time she was accused of fraud amounting to millions of kronor related to several incidents of deception involving cars, hotels and cash.

The case came to court in 2007 but the day before sentencing, Jansson absconded and was sentenced to two and a half years in jail in her absence.

She was re-arrested in Ethiopia last year and her trial started last summer.

Swedish prosecutors are still working to have Jansson extradited to Sweden, but according to prosecutor Jakob Holmberg told Aftonbaldet that Ethiopian authorities are waiting to process the request until after legal proceedings in Ethiopia are completed.

The Local/gm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:30 June 10, 2011 by Matewis
Well done Ethiopia. At least she gets what she deserves now, instead of 6 months in a Swedish prison (read: holiday camp).
11:01 June 10, 2011 by What?
She doesn't look very Swedish to me!

Thanks Ethiopia for taking back one of your own who should never arrived to Sweden ( or be born in Sweden ) by some parents who should have stayed where they came from!

Can we make it a life time sentence so we never have to deal with her again?
11:02 June 10, 2011 by canuk
why is the swedish government wasting my taxpayer dollars trying to save a criminal?
11:08 June 10, 2011 by What?
What's the details of the "human trafficing"? How many little girls did she slave into prostitution?

As long as she stays in Africa we don't have to waste any tax money on her I hope - rot in those jails and hopefully never come out!
11:13 June 10, 2011 by occassional
Yet another example of 'Swedish' being used loosely ...
11:29 June 10, 2011 by si
Dunno what u people are on about she could difinetly be swedish, doesn't look ethiopian - some of these commenters must be living somewhere in a cave..
11:29 June 10, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Ahh!!another good "white" person from Sweden.

I am not supried by the posters claiming she is not Swedish, according to these ladies and "gents" unless your hair has been bleached, which would exclude 90% of Stockholm , your not Swedish.

You so called white people are only fooling yourself.
11:34 June 10, 2011 by update-2011

"She doesn't look very Swedish to me!

Thanks Ethiopia for taking back one of your own who should never arrived to Sweden".

You don't sound like very Swedish to me,as Swedes are mostly respectful as to what they say.
11:37 June 10, 2011 by RobinHood
"Swedish prosecutors are still working to have Jansson extradited to Sweden."

11:43 June 10, 2011 by A SAFARI
@update..i never play race-cards and stuffs.But i must say you smell of racism.You are a complete bigot that needs to be refined.What made you think she is from Africa anyway?Sick bastard like you!
11:58 June 10, 2011 by johnny1939
Don't waste tax payers money on this person. She is no good whatever she is. A user of her fellow man and she will continue to do so a sociopath that she is. The embassy has the duty to help all people of Swedish nationality remember Wallenberg and the Hungarian jews but I hope that they are not too diligent about it. After all she has worked long and hard to get where she is now so let her stay maybe that will cure her.
12:04 June 10, 2011 by ruimove
"of course she doesn' t look swedish, we all blonde with blue eyes and all girls use pony tails and are called Inga around here!!"only someone who NEVER been in Sweden will say she doesn't look 100% swedish, She does looks very swedish, with a lot of make -up by the way.
12:06 June 10, 2011 by axiom
The reponses on this site often, I assume are from people playing the devil's advocate. No one could actually be intelligent and yet so ignorant or very simply racist.

What do you mean by "doesn't look Swedish" or "Swedish being used loosely". If she is Swedish then Swedish she is, there is no half-way, looseness or slack. Being Swedish, i assume like all other nationalities is not endowed based on appearance.

Her name, which is perhaps a reasonable way to judge is she is a native born Swede is definately a Swedish name.

My other half is Swedish and I would be very upset to know if the "Swedishness" of our children will be estimated by some appearance standards.

Shame on you two, this is indeed a new low.
12:11 June 10, 2011 by update-2011

I don't think I referred to your post,when I wrote my comments.I wrote to @what

not you. did u have a bad day to insult me like that?sorry for you!
12:18 June 10, 2011 by Syftfel
I'm going to shut up on this one. For a change. Although reading the story above one has to conclude that this woman is one piece of human garbage. (axiom not withstanding). My sincere, and only, hope though is that she is subjcted to Ethiopian justice, not Swedish. Swedish authorities can do us all a favor by staying away.
12:19 June 10, 2011 by Eva117
She is Swedish. She is not less Swedish than Nyamko Sabuni. And Swedishness is an action of behaviour. How you represent yourself.

Sweden like other countries have its own criminals, theives ect like any other country.
12:27 June 10, 2011 by local-aam
If she were a Swede with foreign background, the must have mentioned "Swedish with foreign background" or "Swedish with immigrant origin". I have read many articles and undoubtly the Swedish Medias differ between Local Swedes and Swedes with foreign background and they take all attempts to save their own image when convicted people are with foreign background. But never make it clear if they are originally from Sweden. Such a double standard is not appreciable at all.
12:32 June 10, 2011 by jonathanjames61
hahahahahahahahahaha,hooooooooooo, gagagagagagag ehhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh eheheheheheheheh,I cant help myself but to laugh my guts out.but you all should remember its June 10 2011, The world is a small village,and let us learn to think ahead of our time,we dont leave in APE planent.hahahahahahahahhhhahahahahahahahahahahaha
12:48 June 10, 2011 by A SAFARI
@update ..my sincere apologies man!!Seriously from the bottom of my heart.It didn't show you that you quoted the idiot "what"!He is a bigot!
12:49 June 10, 2011 by Swedesmith
Payback is a b*tch. Hope she enjoys her all paid vacation in Ethiopia for the full 25 years.
12:50 June 10, 2011 by A SAFARI
@update ..my sincere apologies man!!Seriously from the bottom of my heart.It didn't show you that you quoted the idiot "what"!He is a bigot!
12:53 June 10, 2011 by Eva117
She looks Swedish She might be a Sami.

"hahahahahahahahahaha,hooooooooooo, gagagagagagag ehhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh eheheheheheheheh,I cant help myself but to laugh my guts out.but you all should remember its June 10 2011, The world is a small village,and let us learn to think ahead of our time,we dont leave in APE planent.hahahahahahahahhhhahahahahahahahahahahaha "

She doesnot look like an ape. Obvious there are people who need skull surgery oops i meant brain surgery to heal a sick heart.
13:03 June 10, 2011 by stupr
@ what? and TheOriginalBlackMan

Do you ever have anything to say that is not bigoted and racist? I really feel sorry for the two of you.
13:37 June 10, 2011 by update-2011

Apology accepted! BTW I am not a man.
17:23 June 10, 2011 by calebian22
An Ethiopian rapes and "ruthlessly" murders a young Swedish woman, and gets 16 years in prison in Sweden.

A Swede gets 25 years for fraud in Ethiopia.

What is wrong with this picture?
18:26 June 10, 2011 by BobYourUncle
She cant be Swedish. Swedish are the most pleasant and sincere people you will ever come across.
19:32 June 10, 2011 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
she looks very swedish to me, except tanned (due to long stay in ethiopia)
20:27 June 10, 2011 by rise
Why not Swedish? "Swedes" as of today are negros as well as they are muslims from the middle east.

And before some politically correct and silly person attacks the use of word "negro", know that that's exactly what Martin Luther King called himself and his people.
21:38 June 10, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@RISEI understand what your saying (sarcasm). Although Black people have said with a resounding voice that they do not wish to be called "Negro", yet, you still utilize the world. I understand, I guess it would be okay to call so called white people "inbred mutant albinos", since that's what Black people call them; and to hell if Europeans like it or not, right?


Martin Luther King was a great, great, great Blackman, however, even he was starting to change his mind on the method he was preaching during the 60's.

Rise don't be a keyboard gangster, because one day what you say on the keyboard may comeout your mouth in real life and you may not enjoy the repercussions. Not a threat, just dont want you to get hurt. A lot of African live here in Sweden and many of them may not be as dum as you.
22:18 June 10, 2011 by Syftfel
TheOriginalBlackman: I would agree with you, were it not so common to hear "negroes" using an even worse N-epithet amongst themselves. Like yesterday on the Seventh Avenue IRT. What am I missing? By the way, I will not take offense if you refer to me as an "inbred mutant albino", IMA for short. I almost like the wickedness of it.
23:31 June 10, 2011 by Swedesmith
@ OBM Whatever happened to the good, old fashioned moniker, honkie?
23:44 June 10, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

Every answer to a question should be commensurate to the question ask. If you ask a poor question, you should recieve a poor answer, if you ask a good question, you should receive a good answer, if you ask a great question you should receive a great question.

It would have been more appropriate to ask what has the N-word come to mean, because it's a fallacy to thnk that something that means one thing one year is going mean the same exact thing the next year, or even 30 years from now. At one point the N-word meant one thing to Black African people.

However, some young Black kids will say it's a term of endearment, which in my opinion is nonsense. I hear many white people bring that point up, I still find it odd that many think that if some Black youth use that word, that it gives white people a green light to think that they can utilize an argument, stating why can't I/

Highly don't recommend you do that, especially in New York @Syfftel, even in highly policed Manhattan. It's hot and lot of Black people find the word worthy of killing over if uttered by a whte person. But hey you are your own man.
00:16 June 11, 2011 by Rahelli
she is not from ethiopia i can tell that because of of her name ethiopian dont have this kind of name
00:31 June 11, 2011 by infidel2012
@o b m

What's up blood?

I never seem to have problems using the n!gger word around negros, at

least here in Sweden anyway. In America, if a cracker uses n!gger around blacks, they had better be locked and loaded.

I guess blacks in Sweden just aren't hung up on slavery issues like the ones in America are.

At least my great grandpa treated his slaves quite well, and to this day, those decendents have carried our families surname with pride.

I degress now to the notion that the woman should be spending her jail sentence other than a Swedish prison, for a very long time. She looks alittle Scandinavian to me, and quite sure she enjoys the pork sausage now and again : )
00:54 June 11, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

I'll gladly change that perception. I always walk across the lila bron in Sodermalm on saturdays, can't miss me, big tall Black guy, I invite you to call me such a name. Keyboard gangaster. Around 12-1, I always walk their, always.
03:19 June 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
He's actually a little dude. Looks like Spike Lee with asthma.
05:25 June 11, 2011 by khurram.k
@what ... by ur comments u seems to be ideot to me .... look properly she is a Swedish Woman.... and Swedish peoples are not innocent ... they are much more well groom people when its deals with fraud or human traficking ....
10:08 June 11, 2011 by Rick Methven

I reckon OBM is a 3 foot dwarf with halitosis
11:20 June 11, 2011 by rise
@ TheOriginalBlackMan

Not that I have to explain myself to anyone, especially not one who's insulting. But oh well, I simply used a word to describe whom I meant. That's all. And choosed a word that Luther King himself were using.

But as usual some negros still are seeing themselves as victims. Reminds me of bit of the Lappish people in northern Sweden. Some of them are pathetically acting like "poor" victims as well. And racist Lappish whom are projecting their own racism on Swedes calling them racists. Etc.

If I would have meant to insult anyone I'd used the word nigger, which I didn't. I'm aware of negro's horrible, horrible history. And that the Civil Rights Act came as late as 1964 (much thanks to Mr King's involvement). That is not long ago, things put in perspective. But still, that's exactly what it is - history.
13:18 June 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
OBM I know I hav a lot of fun at your expense, but please take a word of advice. Don't go around throwing down the guantlet. No matter how tough you think you are, there is always somebody tougher. It's just not worth it.
15:56 June 11, 2011 by Marc the Texan

"Black people have said with a resounding voice that they do not wish to be called "Negro""

You don't get out much, do you?
06:00 June 12, 2011 by Icarusty
It's a funny day in Sweden when the Swedish don't know what one of their own looks like - and is even willing to denounce her as foreign just to prove a point that all criminals are foreigners!
06:11 June 12, 2011 by khurram.k
@ Icarusty Agreed ...
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